Friday, October 9, 2020

4 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Fashion Lover

Birthday Gift Ideas for a Fashion Lover

Everyone has that one fabulous fashionista friend who always shows up well-dressed and looks like they just stepped out of a Vogue magazine. If this is the person you are seeking a gift for, that could be a bit of a challenge. About 54% of American women receive chocolates as gifts, especially on Valentine's Day. But now, it’s time to switch it up (although you can always get me chocolate in addition to anything else! Haha!) ! Here are some birthday gift ideas that any fashion friend would love.

Phone camera lens kit

Every fashionista loves the camera and any opportunity that comes with capturing moments. From the selfies to the scenery shots for social media, the phone camera lens kit will be a perfect birthday gift for this fashion lover. Luckily, these kits work with several smartphone brands, so you do not have to worry about picking the wrong one. The lenses come in macro, wide, and fisheye and are small enough to fit in her purse! Score!

Silk scarves

Did you know that the first recorded instance of a silk scarf was Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, who combined the woven style with a headdress? This ancient Queen makes the top five list of fashionable royalties dating back to 350BC. You can't get more timeless than that! The ingenuity with a silk scarf is its ability to blend in with different clothing and all seasons. It can also be worn in various ways without giving off a monotonous appearance. Getting her a cute pack of colored silk scarves is an indication of your attention to detail. You can also top it with Pre-Owned Watches from Watchbox; they have all types of stylish luxury wristwatches this fashion lover will adore for life. Score some major points with this present.

Birthday Gift Ideas for a Fashion Lover

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Stylish Sneakers

A fabulous pair of sneakers are the ideal birthday gift for a fashion lover. They can be dress up or down and can even be switched up with a colorful pair of laces! Who doesn't love this footwear because it is comfortable, appealing, and suits the ultimate fashionista’s style preference!

A transparent umbrella

It may sound like the most mundane gift ever to present to a lady with fashion taste but hold on just for a moment. Is your friend's appearance is on point every time you see them? Then a clear or transparent umbrella will not obscure their outfit. Not to mention this colorless item will never clash with their clothes! There is something fun and whimsical about a clear umbrella that make them so adorable! 

There are several gift items to choose from for women, whether they are functional presents or not. If you are like me, you may attach sentimentalities to possessions or gifts they receive, and that is why you can never go wrong in this regard. If your friend loves to follow trends, hopefully you have a few gift ideas in mind now! 

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