Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Tips to Help you Stay Future Focused

Tips to Help you Stay Future Focused

It's been a struggle lately, hasn't it? And it is far from over yet.  So it is completely understandable that we can feel lost, frustrated, and even a bit depressed. But you have the power to approach our days and future in a positive and more focused way. We have control over ourselves and our mood, even if restrictions are still in place. Your health and wellbeing is important, so you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to improve your outlook. Here are some things you may want to try! 

Tips to Help you Stay Future Focused


One of thirst things to try when it comes to having a happier and focused mind is something called mindfulness. Mindfulness is all about taking the time to consider self care and filling your cup up. You need to think about how you can give yourself the fuel to function to the best of your ability. If that means reading a book, so be it, if that means a hot bath, a walk or some time alone, then go for it! Practice mindfulness as much as possible while focusing on your mindset, how you feel and positivity. It can help you to have a more focused approach for your present life and for the future. 


Many people seek comfort in numbers, so numerology could be something worth looking into. Even if something like this isn't your cup of tea and you aren't a believer, it certainly doesn't hurt! I don't believe necessarily, but I do find it interesting! It might be that you are interested in angel numbers and are seeing specific repeats in double figures or specific patterns in numbers that are presented to you. Many know of the significance of seeing 11:11. Be that on your clock, or in and a nose numbers you come into contact with daily. It might be that you want to calculate your life path number and understand your nature and who you are better by making more focused decisions on your personality and attributions. If it helps you stay focused and positive, then it's a good thing! 

Tips to Help you Stay Future Focused

Horoscopes and astrology

Some prefer to seek comfort and focus through horoscopes and taking into account their astrological signs. Noting down attributes and behaviors based on the moments of your sign and where it is more focused. It can help to identify times when you should be focused, some luck, or even help guide you along the way when it comes to making tricky decisions. Whether astrology is real or not, I do think that the method of reading the star signs and movements can help you work through your problems internally and indirectly bring you to a well-thought out decision. 


If you want to stay focused and consider your mindset and how you feel, meditation could be the ideal route to try. Based on breathing and clearing your mind of wandering thoughts, meditation can be extremely relaxing and can help you to feel more at ease. If you have never tried it before, you can also download an application on your phone that would have some guided meditations to help you get started. It isn’t easy at first to clear your mind, but once you practice more often, it could be the ideal solution when your mind feels chaotic. 

Tips to Help you Stay Future Focused

If you have been struggling with your mindset lately, then there is no denying that gratitude can help you to feel more positive. It can be easy to fall into negative habits when it comes to how you think and feel, so gratitude can help to bring your feelings back up. It can start with general things such as feeling grateful for your family, your home, the food you eat and your health. You could then move on to specific gratitude links such as feeling grateful for finding a car parking space, etc. The more you say thank you in your mind and show gratitude, the more happier you will feel. Sometimes when I am feeling down I stop myself and try to think of 5 relevant things in the moment to be grateful for. It always helps me feel better!

Exercise and diet 

Finally, there is no denying that exercise and diet play a massive role when it comes to how you feel, physically and mentally. It is important for you to focus on a balanced approach when it comes to the food that you eat, rather than an extreme diet. Although they can give you quick results, they may not be the ideal choice for you long term. Exercise can be simple. It might be walking each day or it could be something like a workout you do at home or running. Small changes to your exercise regime and your diet can help you to feel focused and happier for the future. 

I hope these tips help you when it comes to feeling happier and focused for the future!

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