Friday, May 29, 2020

Making Online Life Easier

Making Online Life Easier

It seems that most of us have been turning to online methods for many things. Especially now that we’re practicing social distancing, we are taking care of more and more things via our computers, phones or other devices. Shopping, groceries, business, schooling, and even socializing can all be done on computers. Technology has truly been a saving grace while quarantining. Even while most countries and states are beginning to open up and decrease restrictions, I still think the amount of things done online will be higher than before. So if you are looking to make your life easier while conducting your to-do list and work online, here are some great tips to help you streamline it all! 

Online Shopping
Most of us have been doing online shopping for years, but the full extent to which we can now do so is really amazing! As many of us have been discovering, everything from grocery shopping online to buying medical supplies, prescriptions, electronics, clothing and more is now easier than ever, with many local and national companies offering apps with coupons, incentives, frequent buyer promotions and even free shipping and delivery. While a great deal of this is due to companies trying to assimilate to a new world of social distancing, it benefits those of us with accessibility issues greatly! It can be so convenient to not need to leave your home, it takes less time, AND since online stores never close, you can shop anytime your schedule allows! 

Making Online Life Easier
Virtual PO Box
Did you know that a virtual post office box is a thing? If you have issues checking the mail, don’t wish to have mail delivered to your physical address, have a business whose address you’d like to keep separate, or if you’re just always on the go and find it hard to gather the mail regularly, a virtual PO box might be right for you. 

A virtual PO box is just like it sounds. A real post office box with a physical address that you check online. Virtual address services are a great way to keep regular track of your bills and correspondence without the bulk of paper mail or having to check your box every day. With an actual physical address attached, you can respond to and send mail of your own, as well as arrange to send packages and more. Best of all, you can always find your mail via email, quickly and easily. 

Making Online Life Easier

Virtual Planners and Address Books
We all love our adorable day planners and address books, but both seem to have fallen by the wayside, as so many of us do everything on our phones. Luckily, there are quite a few apps and software that offer scheduling, appointments, reminders and more with cute graphics, customized sounds and more. You can also use cool apps and software to update your contacts list and keep in touch with people quickly and easily. You can even design your own!

These are just a few convenient ways to organize your life and make things easier by conducting every day business online. There are tons more, so get online and get to searching for those resources to make life go smoother! I hope these help! 

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  1. Laura
    Such a comprehensive and a helpful post. Truly technology has been a blessing amidst the covid.