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Over-the-Top Additions You Can Make to Your Home

Over-the-top Additions You Can Make to Your Home

When it comes to material things, there is nothing that individuals take more pride in than their own home. Your home is not only an investment but it is your living space so anything you can do in order to improve on it, make it more your style, or enhance its value and beauty is welcomed. I am constantly thinking about how we can improve on our home including how we can enjoy it more and how we can add value. It's fun to think about additions and renovations you would make with an unlimited budget (a girl can dream, right?). So if you just happen to have lots of extra cash on hand, here are some fun additions and renovation to consider! 

Invest in underfloor heating
If you are thinking about renovating a room or putting new flooring in, one option that is worth considering is underfloor heating. Whenever I step out of the shower and touch the tile floor instead of the rug, I wish we had underfloor heating! 

If you are in the process of remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, consider using part of your budget to add in underfloor heating. This could even add thousands to the worth of your home if or when you go to sell. In fact, a lot of experts are advising the installation of underfloor heating. This is something that is guaranteed to add to the asking price and set your home apart from others. It will also make your property much more attractive as well, as there are many benefits associated with this solution and a lot of homeowners are turning towards underfloor heating nowadays. Potential buyers will be thrilled by the fact that they are walking into a home that already has it.

Did you know that a lack of central heating knocks off an average of nine per cent when it comes to the value of a property? This is something you don’t have to worry about if you take advantage of the services that are offered by underfloor heating installers. Moreover, buyers will certainly appreciate the fact your property is going to present them with significant energy savings, which in turn will leave to excellent utility savings too.

If you are looking for a way to make your home (and feet) warmer, decrease your energy bill, and make it more attractive to potential buyers, you have certainly found it. Invest in the services of underfloor heating installers to give your property a much better chance of selling.

Enhance the beauty and value of your home with an orangery/conservatory 
Something which can truly set your house apart from all of the rest and have a space where you can really enjoy sunshine is an orangery or conservatory. If you have never heard of an orangery before, it is similar to a sunroom or 4 seasons room, but isn't is so much more fun to call it an orangery? There are lots of companies which provide customers with the construction of an orangery. Or if you are looking to turn your conservatory into more of a year-round room, Projects 4 Roofing identifies conservatory conversions that allow you to enjoy the space all throughout the year! Therefore, this is certainly something which is worth considering and a great way to bring the outdoors in. If you have a green thumb and love to garden, an orangery is the perfect over-the-top addition for your home! 

It is believed that the earliest orangery dates back to 1545 and back then an orangery was built with the main purpose of housing different variations of plants. As you may have guessed from the name; the main type of plant an orangery was built for was orange trees. Nowadays, an orangery has progressed and is considered an extension of a home which is designed for living purposes. An orangery offers a lot more than a conservatory and is something which can be used all year round.

What sets an orangery apart from other similar extensions is its distinct beauty. If you are looking to add an element of lavishness, style and glamour to your home then an orangery can do just that. There are lots of different designs and styles available and so you will be able to have one constructed which is completely in keeping with the style of your house at present and your taste. Nevertheless, in general, orangeries possess this traditional and antique style to them which is very much in fashion at the moment. Vintage meets contemporary and it results in this expensive, luxurious, and highly fashionable design which creates a highly enjoyable and beautiful space.

This beauty, of course, makes your house much more pleasing on the eye – both inside and outside. Those who pass by your home will be assured to stop and look at your gorgeous orangery. Moreover, you will find sitting in the extension an extremely pleasant, peaceful and enjoyable experience. This beauty has benefits as well; such as the fact that your house will increase in the value greatly. In general, an extra room is assured to boost up your property’s worth. But when it is something which is as distinct and different as an orangery you can rest assured that this price will boost up even more. 

Nevertheless, it is important to be mindful and to not rush head into a decision. You should take your time to consider an array of different designs. Decide on what material you wish your orangery to be made from as well – such as steel or hardwood. Seeking a good contractor is pivotal because they will be able to advise you on what will look best for your home as a seamless extension as well as construct a great orangery for you as well.

Wine Cellar & Wet Bar
If you enjoy wine and hosting social gatherings, putting in a wine cellar and bar might be right up your alley! We have both of these in our current home and they were definite selling points. We had a bar in our previous house, but it didn't have a sink which proved to be inconvenient at times. So if you are looking to install a bar, make sure you think of all the details that you can put into it to make it truly special. Think beautiful woodwork, a nice countertop, lots of shelving and storage, an ice maker, beer cooler, fridge, and dishwasher! These details will all make a difference in how much you are able to use it and its overall convenience. We love having a small dishwasher so we don't have to carry lots of glasses upstairs to be washed all the time. And an ice maker is really nice because we never run out! 

If you have an unused closet or space in your main floor or basement, consider converting it to a wine cellar. It certainly makes for a conversation starter! There are so many creative ways to incorporate even a small space to store your wine. It can help enhance the beauty of your home and ensure your wine is stored safely and properly. Ensuring the wine cellar is placed in an already cooler and more humid area of your home (like your basement) can help decrease the cost associated with cooling it. And if you are like us and have extra room in there, it is always a nice place to store pies for Thanksgiving until they are ready to be served! 

 If you are someone who really enjoys the spa and spending time in the sauna, why not add one into your home? They can help improve your health, help you relax, release toxins, and help you breathe better. There are saunas that are freestanding, but it looks so much nicer and feels so much more luxurious if it is built in. First choose whether you'd like a wet or dry sauna and determine a good space for it. Do you want to construct a separate outdoor space or find a space in your home? Adding a sauna to your house doesn't even require an over-the-top budget. They can be constructed for under $10,000. 

But don’t ignore all of the essential repairs and maintenance!
Lavish improvements like underfloor heating, orangeries, saunas, and wine cellars are all well and good, but you need to ensure you have completed all of the essential repairs and maintenance in your home, too! It is never a good idea to make over-the-top improvements, even if you will fully enjoy them, if you are neglecting other areas of your home. From pest control to fixing leaky pipework, there are lots of important details to take care of in order to care for your home so you can enjoy it all for years to come! 

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