Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Cocoa For The Soul! Making Yourself Cozy (Inside And Out) This Winter

Cocoa For The Soul! Making Yourself Cozy (Inside And Out) This Winter

Don’t you feel so blessed on those horrible wet, cold, windy days when you are cozy and warm inside your home? Doesn’t it make you so glad you don’t have to go outside in that bad weather? My home is my sanctuary and I love having touches around that feel welcoming and cozy. If you don't have a cozy home environment, and you think that your living space could feel cozier try making it a bit more effort to help evoke the spirit of the holiday season. But what if the weather outside is frightful, and you haven't got a delightful fireplace, what can you do to make yourself feel a bit cozier this winter?

Soft, Warm Materials
If you can't afford to change your living space, or perhaps you're renting see if you can find ways to make the space fit your needs. Thick, warm knit materials, such as fuzzy robes, blankets and throws are simple ways to add that warm feeling. There is nothing worse than being cold! So in addition to warm blankets around, why not wear some cozy, soft clothing to help evoke that warm feeling? If you don't like the idea of a fuzzy robe and slippers, there are plenty of animal onesies that can give you a laugh and keep you warm! To make yourself feel warm inside, you’ve got to feel warm outside!

Evoke The Feelings Of The Past
If you aren’t feeling that warm holiday glow, maybe you need to try and figure out why. Pinpoint your fond childhood memories of past holiday seasons. What sounds and smells do you recall? What can you do now to recreate that? Can you play certain holiday songs or burn a candle to help get you in a more festive mood? Try partaking in  some of the holiday activities you used to do like decorating a gingerbread house or making cookies. Of course, it's not feasible for all of us to do this, but if you're trying to get into the spirit of the winter season, the sense memory side of things may prove to be a decent approach.

Why Don't You Feel Cozy?
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) could be a big reason for this, so if you are feeling glum this winter, consider adding a few more lights, and make sure you have some natural light too. It's not something you tend to think about during these dark December months, but we soon realize that, by the time the nights get shorter, that we weren't feeling as amazing as we should do in this festive period. But, while so many of us have Christmas to look forward to, after that, it just seems to be night after night of darkness, especially during the miserable moneyless month of January. Making yourself feel cozy and taking a little bit more caring looking after your health, perhaps by making a crock pot of vegetable stew, taking a vitamin D supplement, or even just taking the opportunity to head outside whenever it is sunny gives you that warm feeling inside. I even have a sun lamp I turn on in the mornings and evenings to help get more vitamin D. I really do think it helps me wake up better in the mornings and with my overall mood!

We all want that warm, comforting feeling, especially around the holiday time. So if you aren’t feeling festive and warm, see what you can do to turn that around!

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  1. Cozy socks and a great blanket are always my favorite. These are great suggestions!