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November's Simply Earth Essential Oils Box

November's Simply Earth Essential Oils Box

Since we have been home so often, I have noticed we have been using our essential oils more and more often. We absolutely LOVE our diffuser and Claire really enjoys selecting the essential oils and putting them in the diffuser for the day. She has great taste! I honestly think the days we have the diffuser going are days when we all are a bit happier and have more positive, calmer moods. Even my husband keeps a diffuser in his office! I like them more than candles because they are safer with a dog, cat, and 2 energetic kids running around! And I can switch the scents so easily! November's box is full of amazing scents and several I've never tried before! Let's take a peek inside! 
November's Simply Earth Essential Oils Box
This month's Simply Earth Essential Oil Box includes soy wax, 2 candle wicks, dried flowers, and 4 essential oils. The essential oils featured in this month's box are:
  • Nutmeg- warms, uplifts, aids digestion
  • Lime-promotes healthy skin, energizes, cleans
  • Pine- warms, calms, supports circulation
  • Love- can help evoke feelings of romance
The recipes included this month were so much fun to make! They were Love & Spice Diffuser Blend, Energy Synergy Roll On, Love Candle, Winter Woods Candle, Love Bath Melts, and Wax Potpourri Disks. 

Love & Spice Diffuser Blend 
I honestly have this in the diffuser right now as I'm writing the post and have said at least 3 times how amazing it smells. My daughter Claire describes new recipes I make as a "make again" if she approves. This diffuser blend is a "make again"! 

November's Simply Earth Essential Oils Box

Energy Synergy Roll On 
This month's box was meant for me! I feel with the changing seasons I tend to feel more sluggish and tired. I am looking forward to trying this for my energy slumps! d
November's Simply Earth Essential Oils Box

Love Candle
I didn't realize that so many store bought candles contain synthetic fragrances that could contain toxic chemicals like phthalates. Making candles helps you control what is in them so I was excited to make the candles in this box. The Love Candle especially smells so amazing and would make a wonderful gift! 
November's Simply Earth Essential Oils Box

Winter Woods Candle
This candle fit perfectly in a larger votive holder I had on hand. It has the fresh outdoors scent of nature. I love it, but I have a feeling it will disappear and reappear in Matt's office. He loves those evergreen scents!
November's Simply Earth Essential Oils Box

Love Bath Melts
My kids are obsessed with their baths. We have so many toys, bath salts, bath name it, we have it. They love trying out things like this! I even added some lavender buds I had from a previous box just for a little something extra. I actually ended up using mini muffin tins to make these and they were the perfect size. The recipe made 5. It was easy to pop them out when I used the muffin liners. If you go that route, would recommend double lining them though! They smell heavenly and seem to melt easily from body heat alone so definitely keep them in the freezer as recommended! 

November's Simply Earth Essential Oils Box

Wax Potpourri Disks
This is a versatile recipe since it can be used for the potpourri disk or to make a wax melt for a wax warmer. I think this was a fun recipe and different from others I've tried from these boxes so far. I can't wait to try them out! 
November's Simply Earth Essential Oils Box

If you are debating signing up, next month's box looks like it will be another great one! What are you waiting for?! Essential oils are fun and useful. They can be used in so many ways and Simply Earth shows you how to incorporate them into your everyday life. The December box has some cozy, homey essential oils and the sneak peek has me interested!

The Simply Earth subscription box is a wonderful opportunity to begin using essential oils more and making useful and fun items you can use in your home. If you have children, the box is a great way to spend some time with them making things together! And they are WONDERFUL to gift and right on budget!  Use my referral link and my code IDODECLAIREFREE and receive a $40 gift card towards a future box or something else on their site AND a free Bonus Box!! It contains all kinds of little extras to help you make the recipes like diffuser blend bottles, roll ons, coconut oil, and more. 

November's Simply Earth Essential Oils Box

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