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10 Tips for Shein Sizing (UPDATED WITH MORE TIPS!)

10 Tips for Shein Sizing

By far my most popular post and the one that brings in consistent traffic is one I did years ago with tips to help you figure out sizing on Shein. I've been fortunate to have a collaboration with Shein for the past 5 years. If you aren't familiar with Shein, it's a clothing website based out of China. It sells trendy, inexpensive clothing. But since it is based out of Asia, the sizing can be off and typically runs small. If you learn how to shop their site (which can be a bit overwhelming with all the items) and how to choose the correct sizing, there are many bargains to be had! I have learned a few tips for ensuring if you place an order, you end up with an adorable addition to your closet that fits perfectly and I'm adding even more since my first post!

1. Whatever size you think you are-forget it!
This isn't vanity sizing people. Count on ordering a size or two up from what you typically do. I think it is because the store is based in China and sizing runs smaller. Don't think about it. You didn't actually gain weight. It's just the way it is. Rip out the tag if it bothers you that much.

10 Tips for Shein Sizing
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2. Measure yourself. Then measure again.
Measure twice, order once! There are measurements for each garment and the measurements for the different sizes available. Don't assume you know your measurements. Actually get out the tape measure it against your body. Will there be enough room in the waist, chest, and shoulders? What will the length be on you?

3. Measure your own clothing. Then compare.
Sometimes a tape measure doesn't give you the best idea of fit. If you really want to be sure, measure a piece of clothing you own that is similar to the piece you are ordering. For example, I like my dresses to be a certain length. I know which dress in my closet is the shortest, but I can still wear comfortably. I measure that dress and compare it to the measurements on SheIn to decide if I should get the item. And if you are one the fence about sizing or a measurement, check the next size up. Many times the measurements only differ 1/2 an inch. That really isn't much.

4. Look for popular items.
If it's been purchased by many people, it's probably good. SheIn allows buyers to upload pictures of themselves in the piece of clothing and I'm not talking about just in the reviews. It shows how other people and bloggers have worn an item. You can find them below the details of the piece, but above the comments. They are incredibly helpful for determining fit of an item. The more you see of the item on other people, the better idea of fit and sizing you have. I have found the more photos generally means it's a good purchase because so many people have purchased it and liked it enough to upload a photo of themselves in it!

10 Tips for Shein Sizing
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5. Read the comments.
Some of the comments on items are useless (e.g. "I love this item and want to buy"). However, some are very helpful and talk about how the item fits. Users can input their height, weight, chest size, etc. I read the comments and see what size others purchased and if it worked out or not. I try to find several people similar in size to me to get a consensus so I know if the item runs large, small, or true to size.

10 Tips for Shein Sizing
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6. Check the size the model is wearing
This is a feature that was added since I first wrote this post and it's pretty helpful. Shein often has a model wearing the clothing (they do seem to take their own photos of the actual item as opposed to other, similar sites). The size the model is wearing and the model's measurements are often included. It helps you see how an item fits.

7. Check the pictures in the review section.
Too often the photos are just of the item. This helps if you are trying to gauge quality and true color, but isn't helpful for sizing. But for items that many people have purchased, you can sometimes find photos of buyers in the garment. And since the reviews often have body size information you can see how a certain size fits on someone which can help you figure out how it will look on you.

10 Tips for Shein Sizing
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8. One size does NOT mean 'one size fits all'
I've learned that sometimes Shein has one size of an item. They list it as 'one size'. This does not mean it is a voluminous item and will fit any number of people. It means it could be a size medium, it could be a size XL. Read the measurements to see if it will fit you and how it will fit you. Honestly I often avoid these items because they seem to run fairly small and short, but I did get a few cute sweaters one fall that I loved!

9. Look at the fabric content - stretch?
Fabric content can be crucial to knowing if an item will fit you or not. If the waist measurement is smaller than your waist, but the fabric is stretchy, then you know it will stretch an inch to fit you. A fabric like cotton doesn't have any give to it (although it does look more expensive when compared to a synthetic fabric). Knowing the fabric content gives you an idea of if an item will shrink when washed, too. And know if the waistline is elastic if you are ordering a dress or skirt, too!

10 Tips for Shein Sizing
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10. Focus on dresses, skirts, and tops
Not only have I had best luck with dresses, skirts, and tops in terms of quality, but I've also found these are most forgiving in terms of fit. There are less points of contact than with pants or jumpsuits and if you get them a bit larger, they can be tucked or belted and worn oversized and still look good. Pants and shorts are harder to find to fit length, waist size, and hip size and that is for any store!

A Note on Footwear
I had a question from a reader about footwear. I only have about 5 pairs of shoes from Shein, but in general I have found they typically run TTS. 

Bottom line? I would say when in doubt, size up! In general, I order a size up from my typical size, but that is not always a hard and fast rule. I hope all these tips from my experiences will help you to have a successful shopping experience at Shein!

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  3. I love everything about shein but the thing is now shein is banned in India

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