Thursday, April 23, 2020

Day in the Life of a SAHM During COVID-19

Day in the Life of a SAHM During COVID-19

I don't have an outfit post for you today. I thought I would switch it up and share what my life has been like lately. Our lives have all changed recently and it's fun to take a peek into each others' lives. Here is what my recent Tuesday looked like! 

6:15- Alarm goes off, check email and get dressed in running clothes
6:30- Out for a 5.25 mile run. Brr! It's chilly this morning!
Day in the Life of a SAHM During COVID-19
7:20- Back home and upstairs to shower and get myself and the kids ready for the day
8:00- Breakfast time! We made muffin batter a few days ago that you can store in the fridge and bake as you want so we made warm muffins for breakfast today,
8:45- Watch school announcements for Claire and go over her schoolwork for the day. Claire has been sending her family a joke each day so she finds a joke in her joke book and sends it out. It's so cute!
9:00- Aveline has a Zoom meeting with her music teacher from her preschool while Claire gets started on her reading. She does a Scholastic lesson typically and then a writing activity associated with it for her journal.
9:30- Aveline's Zoom call is over and Claire isn't feeling up to her journal so Aveline and I take the dog for a walk while she has time to think and complete her writing. This subject has been a struggle. She is not very motivated in this area unfortunately.
9:50- Aveline plays outside on the playset while I do some weeding and yard clean up. Claire finishes up her writing and joins us.
Day in the Life of a SAHM During COVID-19
11:30- The girls were having so much fun playing I let them play for a while.  We come in for a small snack and then Claire works on her math with Zearn for 30 minutes
12-12:30- Lunchtime! Claire has been loving her 'favorite lunch' which is cheese, carrots, grapes, sausage, and crackers with dip. Aveline loves to have macaroni and cheese because she can help make it. I just grab some leftovers.
12:30-1- Aveline plays while Claire does a recorded lesson from her teacher. I start cleaning up from lunch.
1-1:30- Claire has 'recess' outside while I put Aveline down for nap. She insists on 3 stories and is not a happy camper because we are working on getting her to stop using her pacifier. She doesn't use it at night, but nap time is more difficult. But success for today! She fell asleep without it!
1:30-2- Claire comes in for art time. She is drawing and coloring an Earth Day poster. I finish up cleaning the kitchen, get the dishwasher started, and do some laundry.
2-2:30 Claire works on her creative time. This is a time we built in for cooking, crafts, building, playing pretend, and more. Today that is displaying her rock collection. I start working on blog posts and commenting.
3-4- Claire has quiet time in her room which is 30 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of screen time. I do some more laundry, take a break, and watch some tv.
4:30- Claire has a snack and goes outside to play a little more before dinner. Aveline gets up from her nap and I give her a small snack to eat while I start getting dinner ready.
5:30- We sit down to eat. Jambalaya tonight.
6- Clear table start to put things away while the girls eat dessert.
6:30-Avie goes upstairs with Matt to take her bath while I work on cleaning the kitchen. Avie has really been missing her swim lessons and keeps trying to pull out her swimsuit. During bath and sometimes during the day we do some of these Goldfish swim-inspired exercises with her. She loves them!
7- We read to Aveline and put her to bed and Claire goes upstairs for a shower and to get ready for bed. I finish up in the kitchen, do more laundry (where does it all come from?!) and do extra picking up around the house and do my weight lifting and ab exercises.
Day in the Life of a SAHM During COVID-19
7:30- Storytime for Claire! We are working our way through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She reads a lot on her own, but at night I normally end up reading to her.
8-10- It's dessert time and tv time for Matt and me. We have some Kool-Aid sherbet that we made the day before (yum!) and catch up on some of our shows on the DVR. I work on my blog post for the next day, linking up, and commenting on other blogs.
10- Bedtime!

I hope you all have a happy Thursday! 

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