Sunday, March 8, 2020

How to Find Your Style

How to Find Your Style

Do you ever walk down the street or into a store and someone's style immediately catches your eye? There’s just some captivating about the person that’s hard to ignore. While some people are just born with fantastic genes and an ability to look amazing all of the time, most people who grab people’s attention have put time and effort into it. With a little time we can all find our style 'stride' and look and feel fabulous whenever we leave the house.

How to Find Your Style

Find Your Vibe

While there’s something to be said for following the latest trends and making them part of your wardrobe, if you really want to turn heads as you go about your daily business, then it’s recommended that you take some time to develop your own style. The reason why this works better than simply wearing the same clothes as a store mannequin is because there’ll be hints of originality in your outfit, and it’ll also fit in line with who you are as a person. This process can involve a little trial and error, but it’s worthwhile figuring it out.

How to Find Your Style

Make the Most of Accessories

There’ll be times where you want to dress up and there will be times when you want to dress more casually. But even when you dress down, that doesn't mean you need to can't stand out! On the days when your outfit is more low-key, you can use your accessories to stand out from the crowd. In some cases, this can be even more effective, since it’s more subtle than an outfit. Find sunglasses that perfectly fit your face, get handmade knitwear for the winter, fabulous statement earrings, and ensure that your partner looks at engagement rings with eye-catching designs. You’ll both look and feel amazing.

Play with Colors

Many people like to play it safe when it comes to colors and stick to darker shades and neutral colors. While you will want to have more central colors in your wardrobe since they are so versatile, it’s recommended to have a few more colorful items too. They can really help transform an outfit from good to great.

How to Find Your Style
Some TLC

There’s just nothing like taking care of yourself and your hair! You might be able to make your hair look gorgeous at home, but it won’t quite hit the standards that the professionals can reach. For your next big event, book yourself into the salon for some hair TLC like a blowout first.

Standing Tall

Finally, be sure to stand tall with confidence. This is arguably the most important factor. It’s better to have a self-assured stride wearing a fine outfit, than to have an incredibly well put together outfit, yet walk without confidence. This process obviously takes more time than just visiting the store, but can also lead to longer and more fulfilling happiness in the long run.

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