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How to Protect Your Children as They Grow Up

How to Protect Your Children as They Grow Up
I love, love, LOVE my kids, but raising children is no walk in the park. Just when the potty training part of it has come to an end, and you think that you are over the worst of it, you realize that changing diapers and enduring sleepless nights was the simple part. Their needs are easily met. If it isn't food, then it is something to drink, tiredness, or a full diaper. There is no escaping the fact that, as they grow up, children will be exposed to a number of challenges and obstacles. Oh hello emotions and social skills and academics! Here are some tips on how to protect them.
How to Protect Your Children as They Grow Up

Be there
The most important thing that you can do as a parent is to make sure that your kids know you are always there for them. Make it known that no topic is forbidden from discussion and that they can come to you with anything, and you will listen openly. By getting this message across from an early age, you are laying the groundwork for your children to communicate with you better and more frequently as they reach their teenage years and beyond. We also try to teach our oldest that if she comes to us if she has done something wrong or is in trouble we will always help and if she deserves punishment it will be far less harsh if she brought it to our attention first instead of us finding out on our own. Remember that the essential thing is to listen and not to judge. Only pass on some advice or guidance if your kids ask for it.
How to Protect Your Children as They Grow Up
Know when to seek help
There will be instances when your children are struggling with something and may or may not confide in you about how they are feeling or what is going on in their lives. There will also be instances when they really need help, but don’t know how to ask for it. This is why you, as their parent, will need to be able to recognize these signs and find them help when it is required. Familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of issues like substance abuse or eating disorders and get in touch with a treatment center, like Eden Treatment, for advice. Personally, I struggled with an eating disorder in college and my parents found a counselor for me to see to help me. In these types of situations, recovery is hinged on getting the right help quickly, and having a strong support system in place. Seeking help from professionals does not make you a bad parent. It makes you a very good one to recognize you are not the best person to suited to helping your child. 
How to Protect Your Children as They Grow Up
Learn from your mistakes
It is good to remember that your kids are growing up in a completely different world than you did. The rules are different, and so are the dangers. I'm dating myself here, but we didn't get a computer until I was in 1st grade and we didn't have internet for years after that. Technology has a huge role in our children's lives nowadays. Therefore, while it is important to learn from the mistakes you made as a child and help your own children to avoid making the same ones, it is also important to realize that they are going to make plenty of mistakes of their own.
Educate yourself
As already mentioned, it is a must to learn what signs and symptoms to look out for in terms of common teenage problems. However, what is even more essential is to educate yourself regarding the world in which they live. Find out what kind of slang the kids are using today, what they are doing on social media, and what the latest fads are. By educating yourself in this regard, you will be much better equipped to know when something isn’t right, or your child is at risk.

Ultimately, you cannot protect your kids from every negative situation that they may face. However, you can ensure that they are appropriately equipped to deal with these situations and that you are there to provide the necessary guidance when the time is right.

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