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What Should You Be Wearing in Spring

What Should You Be Wearing in Spring
Looking ahead to Spring 2020, fashion trends include a lot of looks that borrow from the past, making it easier and less expensive for fashionistas to maintain a fresh, stylish wardrobe. Designers brought back polka dots and retro prints inspired by wallpaper and furniture. The hot pants that were all the rage in the 60s are reappearing on runways. This spring handcrafted clothing and accessories are absolutely in. Classic suits and white shirts are also getting an update. Even preppy loafers are making a comeback!

Vintage Prints
What Should You Be Wearing in Spring
This year, you could wear vintage floral tops or dresses with updated accessories and be in vogue. Louis Vuitton and Fendi are just two designers who have included prints reminiscent of vintage upholstery and wallpaper. Whether your retro look takes the form of bold floral tunic tops, maxi dresses, or blouses, you'll be on trend. Nostalgic psychedelic prints taken straight out of the 60s have also made a huge comeback are being seen in neon pinks, greens, yellows, and oranges.
Hot Pants
Satin, leather, and denim hot pants are also big this year. While they may not be on everyone’s must-have list (definitely too short for me!), those who wear them will definitely be on trend. Since this season's versions are teeny-tiny, some ladies pair them with patterned tights for a more modest look. For those who like the idea of shorts but want to go longer, there's good news. Fashion experts at Harper's Bazaar report that well-dressed women will be wearing Bermuda shorts with casual and business wear. They can be paired with crisp blouses to create a figure-flattering, tailored look. Designers offered them in a range of fabrics, including leather and faux leather. Wear them knee length or longer to create the latest looks.
Handcrafted Pieces
What Should You Be Wearing in Spring
Crocheted clothing and accessories were all over the spring 2020 fashion shows. Designers showcased elaborate crocheted bras worn as outwear. According to Women's Wear Daily, trending designs use modern crochet in fringes capes and maxi dresses. In fact, handcrafted was a recurring theme among designers. Collections include embroidery, fabric mixing, and intricate knitwear. Models were seen wearing damask linen pieces with hand embroidery. Mexican handicrafts and crocheted knit beachwear are also in vogue.
Time-Honored Accessories
What Should You Be Wearing in Spring
Spring looks for 2020 also features traditional bags and jewelry, often with a twist. For instance, collared necklaces are popular for spring. Add a favorite chunky statement necklace to get this season's collarbone grazing trend. Bucket style bags have been seen everywhere and huge bags are featured in several designer collections. In fact, this year you almost can't carry a bag that is too big! Bucket hats are trendy right now. They are cute, available in a variety of materials, and offer protection from the sun.
Classic White Shirts
We all know the value of a crisp white shirt and probably own at least one. Long considered wardrobe staples, classic white shirts can be worn with anything and dressed up or down. In spring 2020, designers showed updated versions with cropping, embellishments, and ruching. One style included cut-up sleeves, and another very cropped shirt displayed quite a bit of midriff. Designers put bodices over shirts and some added detailing that included feathers. But even if you don't want to alter your favorite shirt, it'll be in style this year.
What Should You Be Wearing in Spring
The classic loafer is also on trend in 2020, but it's not your mother's shoe. The hottest 2020 versions include chunky heels that often include several colors like blue, white, and beige. Slingback loafers are all the rage, and many also include non-traditional, built-up heels. Prada has even offered exceptionally cool stretch knit loafer pumps.
What Should You Be Wearing in Spring
Suits never go out of style for business wear, and many celebrities have even worn them as formal wear at important events. In 2020, suits range from traditional to edgy, so there is something for everyone. Waistcoats, or vests, are big this season and look super chic worn with a favorite suit or as a complement to suit pants and a top. Designers offered updated versions that included sheer fabrics, corsets, and cutouts. You can even pair Bermuda shorts with suits this spring and create a sharp look that is ideal for casual wear but professional enough for a boardroom.
Polka Dots
What Should You Be Wearing in Spring
Some designers continued their vintage theme by offering updated versions of polka dotted fabrics. The spotty style may have taken a backseat to plaids and animal prints in recent years, but in 2020 it's back and on-trend. Designers are adding spots to everything from formal gowns to casual dresses. It's a popular look for spring blouses and skirts. Patterns range from fabrics sprinkled with the occasional dot to spots so close together fabrics resemble a checkerboard. Needless to say, Minnie Mouse is pretty excited about this!
Girly Dresses With Boots
The "grunge" look is another retro look that has reappeared this spring. For those who miss the style, this is the time to break out those feminine, gauzy, tulle, lacey and eyelet skirts and pair them with chunky boots. This year's version of the 90s trend offers a lot of room for creativity. You can choose dresses in the season's bright colors or your favorite vintage patterns. Don’t feel limited to one dress style or length. Choose anything from flowing maxi dresses to flirty knee-length skirts. The feminine dress or skirt is such a fun contrast with bigger boots.

The hottest fashion trends for spring hold good news for women who don’t like to purge! This year's designer collections borrow heavily from vintage styles. On-trend looks for the season bring back classic white shirts, loafers, suits, and polka dots. A lot of clothing features vintage prints reminiscent of the 60s as well as handcrafted fabrics and accessories. The grunge look is in again as are hot pants and Bermuda shorts. Spring looks also include updated versions of traditional women's suits. Which are your favorites and which can you just not get behind?

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