Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Tips for Surviving and Thriving Black Friday 2019

Tips for Surviving and Thriving Black Friday 2019

It’s almost that time of year… I'm not talking about all the holidays coming up, I mean the biggest shopping day of year; Black Friday! Black Friday is incredibly hectic, though at the end of it.. if you are brave enough to head out and do it properly, you’re happy with your purchases and savings. Needless to say, it is always better to be organized so you can get exactly what you want, whether it is for you or someone else on your list. So have a plan and make a list for what you want, the times of the sales, order of stores to shop, and any other information you may need.

To survive and thrive during Black Friday 2019, I'm sharing some tips!

1.    Begin to think of what you want for yourself now
Busy women can’t forget to treat themselves. It can be such a stressful and hectic time of year. So many times we are the ones doing the shopping, making the cookies, decorating, and more. But this year remember to give yourself something for all that hard work! For items that you’ve always wanted but have been waiting for them to go on sale, this is the time to make a purchase! For example, Luisaviaroma is a great place to shop online for designer and luxury items. You can stay updated on the LuisaViaRoma Black Friday 2019 sales by downloading the app and signing up for the newsletter.

2.    Make a list of ideas for others
Giving someone an intentional gift, which has thought behind it, is incredibly special. With so many items on sale during Black Friday, it can get overwhelming. So knowing what you want to get someone makes the hunting for the best deal a lot more streamlined.  

Tips for Surviving and Thriving Black Friday 2019

3.    Research online where to get the best deals
When you have an idea of what you want and you are curious about where you can find the best Black Friday deals, you can search websites such as Google Shopping, Shopzilla, etc. for an idea of the best deals. If you want to purchase a television for the family, for example, you can check out what the best deal is and from where.

4.    Use social media to find exclusive deals
If you want to purchase items from department stores or local boutiques, many deals and promo codes are shared exclusively for social media followers. So get on social media to find exclusive deals and you’ll be surprised with the guidance you get online for Black Friday! This is great for those who only do online shopping (because sweatpants after Thanksgiving=good idea) like me! And don't forget to look into cash back apps and services like Rakuten when you are buying online. I make a few $100 a year by using my account and the cash back percentages are often higher during this time of year.
Tips for Surviving and Thriving Black Friday 2019

5.    Create a budget and stick to it
There are a lot of great deals for Black Friday, and a budget can really help you avoid spending more than what you intended and on items you didn’t really need. It’s that mentality of ‘a sale is a sale’ that can get dangerous during Black Friday! If you make small concessions to your budget here or there it can really add up in the long run!

6.    Check all store return policies
It is common to purchase big-ticket items on Black Friday. In case it doesn’t work out, having the option to return or exchange it is important. And you don't need the hassle some stores may give you. Even if you purchase online, make sure there are free returns. So check all store return policies before deciding to purchase items from a specific store.  Tips for Surviving and Thriving Black Friday 2019

7.    Create a schedule
Since Black Friday is so hectic and not all stores participate, a schedule is incredibly helpful. Once you sort out what you want to buy and where you want to buy it, you can organize your schedule to sort out when to buy it. If you are doing in-store shopping, you can determine your shopping route. If you are shopping online, you can create a schedule depending on when the items you want will be on the best sale according to store websites. 

If you do Black Friday in a thorough and organized way, you should be fine and manage to get everything you want and need from your list and enjoy the rest of the holiday season not worrying about any more gifts that must be purchased!

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