Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Wearing a Maxi Dress at Any Height

Many people believe that they can't wear maxi dresses unless they are very tall. So anyone shorter than model height just can't quite pull them off. But that is completely wrong! Just because they are maxi dresses doesn't mean you need to be maxi height to wear them! They can still be flattering on women of any height from petite to over 6 feet tall! 
Wearing a Maxi Dress at Any Height

I'm certainly not very tall at only 5'5" and I wear my fair share of maxi dresses. A maxi dress is a versatile item and one that is comfortable to wear so there is no reason it shouldn't be found in every woman's closet! If you are feeling on the fence about maxi dresses, especially due to your height I'm sharing tips today about how to make them work for you in a fashionable and flattering way.

Maxi Dress Top Tips For Any Height:

Wearing a Maxi Dress at Any Height
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1.     Getting The Right Length - Of course you want to consider what shade best suits you. It could be you favor a bold red or maybe a bright pink. Maybe your daughter is shopping for a dance and loving different shades of blue homecoming dresses online for 2019. Whatever your favorite color is, getting the right length for your figure is more important. This is the most crucial aspect of buying a maxi dress to ensure it is flattering. If it’s too long it may catch under your shoes and cause a trip or tear. A tailor can help you shorten a dress to the most flattering length if needed, but it's always easiest to buy right off the rack if possible. Thankfully many stores have petite sections to help ensure the correct fit and length. If buying online, know the length you need and pay attention to measurements of the garment. 

2.    Printed Or Solid Colors? Although a beautiful summer floral print is hard to resist for ladies of all sizes, solid colors generally work better for the shorter ladies amongst us. Dark colors such as blue and black will generally make you look a little taller and slimmer!

Woman Wearing Black Maxi Dress
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3.     Getting The Right Style - Not all fits and styles are universally flattering. Styles that look good on taller women may not look quite as good on smaller ladies. And of course your body type play a role as well. Thankfully the retailers have reacted and created a number of styles that suit petite ladies and ones that are more suited to those that are average height or taller. A maxi dress with a side slit looks great if you are a little on the shorter side so you should consider this when choosing your dress.

4.    Picking The Best Fabric - A fabric that moves with you and is soft and flowy is the best choice for all maxi dresses. Avoid stiffer fabrics that have their own shape. This maxi dress I recently got is a beautiful flowy choice! 

5.    Find A Good Dress Maker or Tailor - For those of us whom off-the-peg clothing doesn’t usually fit the bill, the services of a good dressmaker or tailor are an option. They can provide you with a made-to-measure dress that will not only look good but feel good as well. Many online boutiques now offer petite sizes, so it may be worth having a look for inspiration if nothing else.

Wearing a Maxi Dress at Any Height
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So rock those maxi dresses with confidence! You look fabulous ladies!

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  1. Yes to rocking a maxi dress! I love wearing them, but finding the right thing length is a deal breaker. If it's a cotton material or one that I can work with, I have put a knot in the bottom to make it work. I'm planning on wearing one in a few weeks to my sisters wedding, wouldn't you know it's currently being hemmed lol.