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DIY Kitchen Renovations Tips

DIY Kitchen Renovations Tips
How long have you been looking around your kitchen thinking that it’s time to do a total renovation? The sink is leaking, you’ve already replaced the burners and drip pans on your stove more times than you can count, and the walls have long been yellowed by handprints or stains or who knows what. You’ve finally decided that it’s time to do something about it. It can be difficult to even know where to begin. If you are looking for some tips on kitchen renovations, check out this great website, although you’ve scrimped and saved, there probably won’t be enough to hire a contractor to do the entire job for you. Kitchen renovations are shockingly expensive! We've been through one and how kitchen is much bigger now so I shudder to think how much it would be to completely renovate. 
Instead, try a DIY approach and only call in the professionals on those bits you can’t do by yourself. It still may seem like a monumental undertaking, so here is a brief guide on DIY kitchen renovations made easy – or as easy as possible, that is!

DIY Kitchen Renovations Tips

It’s All or Nothing

One of the things you may wish to consider when replacing your stove or refrigerator that has seen better days would be to totally replace all your kitchen appliances so that they are coordinated. It wouldn’t aesthetically make sense to use a white refrigerator and a black oven or one stainless steel and one enamel.
Yes, it costs more to do it this way, but you are after a whole ‘new’ look, and that’s something you won’t be happy with unless the appliances complement each other. Also, today’s appliances are energy efficient so on top of being new and coordinated, they will cost less to operate year by year.
DIY Kitchen Renovations Tips

Times When You Need to Call in the Pros

Unfortunately, there are some tasks involved which may require a fully licensed and professional appliance installation contractor. Typically, you’d need a professional for such things as refrigerators with water and ice where there is no connection for the plumbing. Or, perhaps you need a new hot water heater installed because the one you currently have is on its last legs.
It’s probably going to be a whole lot less expensive to have an installer brought in to hook up a new one than it is to replace the element and thermostat in the old when all is said and done. Appliances are comparatively cheaper than they were years ago, but that often means they aren't made to last as long. Typically repair bills are just as much as purchasing a new appliance! Besides, today’s appliances are energy efficient so you will save money on utility bills. Just know your limits!

A Look at Open Space Kitchens

One of the renovations many homeowners are making is to knock down one or more walls to give the kitchen, dining and living rooms an open space appeal that is trending today. Here again, you will probably need to call in the pros because those walls may be load bearing walls and to knock down the wrong beam could be disastrous.
Do this kind of work prior to calling in electrician and plumber to help with the appliance installation because of the likelihood that appliances will no longer be where they are now located. The beauty of open space living areas is that they make your home appear much larger and if, at some point in time, you want to sell your home, this will add a great deal of value. Even though you haven’t added space to the floor plan, it will appear as though your home is larger than it is.
DIY Kitchen Renovations Tips

Special Care When Painting

Another tip which should be critical on your DIY knowledge base would be knowing just how and when to paint. Many professional home painters suggest that you complete the paint prior to installing new appliances or laying down a new floor.
While there are coverings that you can lay on furniture, appliances and across floors, you are still likely to get a splash or two of color where you least want it, so it’s better to have all that done first. You can always retouch areas that get scratched or marred, but it’s much more difficult to get dried paint off a hardwood floor or an enamel glazed appliance. As a rule of thumb, paint first and install last. 
DIY Kitchen Renovations Tips

When in Doubt – Ask!

You’ve probably heard the old cliché, when in doubt, don’t. Here’s a new slant on an old adage, when in doubt, just ask! Whether you have questions about what kind of paint is best suited for the kitchen where it will be washed regularly, or the type of floor covering best suited to your needs and décor, there is always an expert out there ready, willing and able to advise you.
When in doubt, take the time to get professional help. This may be a DIY renovation project, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for advice as needed. It’s still your project, but just with a little help from the pros. We've never tackled anything major in our home, but we've often switched out lighting, faucets, painted, refinished furniture, and put in storage organizers, but they have always made a big difference! And we've never hesitated to head to our local hardware store to ask the pros for some help! 

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