Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Quick & Easy Decorative Upgrades To Improve Your Home

 Quick & Easy Decorative Upgrades To Improve Your Home

When you have little ones to care for, you often struggle to find the time that you would like to improve the design of your home. Trust me, I know! I'm right there with you! Now that we've been in our home almost a year we are starting to think about some changes we'd like to make, now and in the future. Everyone wants to make their home look attractive and welcoming, but unfortunately this can be challenging and time-consuming. But, there are a few quick and easy ways to improve your home’s style which can enhance the look and feel of each room without having to put in a huge amount of effort or spend too much money. So, if you want to improve your home with ease, but you are not sure how, I'm sharing a few ideas today! 

Paint The Walls

Perhaps the most obvious way to completely transform a room without spending a fortune is to paint the walls. Simply changing the color of the walls can completely change the mood, atmosphere and style of the room, particularly if you opt for something quite different from the previous color.
 Quick & Easy Decorative Upgrades To Improve Your Home


Moulding is a quick, easy and affordable way to add class and sophistication to any room of the house. Although it may not seem like much, it can have a huge impact on the visual style of a room, and it can be relatively easy to do yourself.

Change The Lighting

Lighting is a powerful tool when it comes to interior design because it can set the mood in any space. Consider switching the style of lighting to something like pendant lighting, which can accentuate certain areas of the home and leave others in the dark. 
 Quick & Easy Decorative Upgrades To Improve Your Home

Replace The Radiators

Radiators are essential for heating the home, but they are not normally the most attractive features to look at. So if you live in a home that is heated through use of radiators, places like Warmrooms have a wide range of modern, stylish and functional radiators which can enhance the decorative style of the room instead of taking away from it.

New Blinds/Curtains/Shutters

Similarly, the blinds/curtains/shutters that you use normally are just for serving a purpose, but they can take up a lot of space in the room. Try switching to a different style, depending on the time of the year for an easy, yet noticeable upgrade. I've learned to place curtain rods much higher and wider than the window to create the illusion of a larger window, too. It makes such a difference! 
 Quick & Easy Decorative Upgrades To Improve Your Home

Add More Plants

One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve any room is simply to add plant life in any form. By bringing nature into the home, you can add color and visual interest to a room while taking advantage of the health benefits that come with it.

Change Fixtures

Small features like the doorknobs, taps, locks and cabinet handles can play a large role in how a home looks and feels because they are used so much throughout the day. Upgrading these to something more stylish or even painting over them can look fantastic and is an easy change to make.
 Quick & Easy Decorative Upgrades To Improve Your Home

There are many quick and easy home upgrades that you can do on a budget with these being just a few notable examples. Home improvements can be tough when you have little ones, but your home is somewhere that you should enjoy spending time and take pride in so it is essential that you are able to find ways to improve the look and feel of the house. These small changes can really improve the overall feel and sophistication of your space! 

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