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Fun Ways to Boost Your Metabolism This Fall & Winter

Fun Ways to Boost Your Metabolism This Fall & Winter
All of the sudden our temperatures are dropping and the evenings and mornings are requiring a light jacket or sweater. As soon as I feel that chill in the air I immediately start thinking about chili, baked goods, and comfort food! I am less motivated to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Every fall and winter I always end up gaining a few pounds as a result of the change in my eating habits. But this year I want to stay ahead of my habit by trying to incorporate some fun ways to boost my metabolism into by schedule. 

Drinking Coffee
Fun Ways to Boost Your Metabolism This Fall & Winter
In case you are looking for an enjoyable way of boosting your metabolism, you can put your morning coffee to good use. It is important that you drink enough coffee while reducing the fat and sugar you are consuming with it. Try to cut back on your sugar and learn to understand the different coffee terms, so you can find your favorite drink. Don’t go for doughnuts and carbs with your morning coffee, instead drink it straight before breakfast and wait for the antioxidants to kick in.
Fruit Juice
Fun Ways to Boost Your Metabolism This Fall & Winter
You can also start your day with some fresh fruit juice. It is a great idea especially if you like exercising in the morning. You can squeeze the juice of half a freshly lemon in hot or cold water, and start your day the right way. You will not only get enough Vitamin C that will boost your immune system, but you can also benefit from the additional antioxidants and fiber. Half a lemon is all it takes to start off your metabolism in the morning and is much better for you than the sugary fruit juice that is premixed at the store.
Dance Classes
If you would like to improve your fitness level, but don’t want to get bored at the local gym using the machines, you will need to find a type of exercise that you will actually enjoy. Dance classes can be fun and help you increase your heart rate and your digestion at the same time. You can try Zumba, or aerobic, and even belly dancing or pole dancing, if you are adventurous enough! 
Hot Curry
Fun Ways to Boost Your Metabolism This Fall & Winter
Are you a fan of spicy food and Indian cuisine? You'll be glad to know that curry can make you digest your food faster and more effectively. You can improve your metabolism if you add chili and cayenne pepper to your meals. While this option might not be for everyone, you can replace very hot spices with ginger, lemongrass, or cumin, maybe turmeric and still boost your metabolism.
Good Night’s Sleep
Fun Ways to Boost Your Metabolism This Fall & Winter
It is crucial that you have enough sleep each night and allow your digestive system to get to work while you are stationary. If you are always tired, you will tend to overeat on foods you should be eating in moderation such as candy and chocolate. Have a strict daily schedule and make sure that you are able to rest at night. Eliminate distractions, such as TV and radio, and use blackout curtains. If you have trouble sleeping, you might also consider meditation, hypnosis, or exercising at night before bed to help make you feel more tired when you turn in.
Many fitness gurus have already covered the benefits of high intensity interval training on your digestion and your weight loss. Unlike cardio and light exercises, this form of workout will allow you to exhaust your muscles in a short period of time, so you can get results faster. You can increase your heart rate, improve your digestion, and focus on the problem areas that are making you feel upset when you look in the mirror in the morning.
Morning Walks
Fun Ways to Boost Your Metabolism This Fall & Winter
In case you aren't interested in HIIT or cardio training, you can still improve your metabolism and fitness level by starting your day with daily walks. You can take a 10-minute brisk walk in the fresh air and get your metabolism going for the day. It may even help you start the day with a positive mindset, too. Alternatively, you can take the bike out for a ride. Either way, you get the benefit from morning exercise before breakfast. Exercising on an empty stomach can help you burn more fat to use as energy and once you have your breakfast your body will digest it faster, too. 
Detoxifying your body can greatly increase the results of your healthy diet. You can sweat out the toxins and increase your heart rate at the same time. Alternating cold and hot temperatures will help your body work harder when it needs to. If you combine sauna and swimming, you can truly maximize the benefits of your lifestyle change.
Switching to Natural Oils
Fun Ways to Boost Your Metabolism This Fall & Winter
It is important that you use healthy ingredients in your diet. By simply switching your cooking oil, you can increase your results and your antioxidant intake. Extra virgin olive oil, or even coconut oil will give your heart some protective benefits and help your body get more Vitamin B3, 6, and 12. It is a well known fact that Vitamin B has plenty of health benefits, including the increased ability to digest food and avoid bad reactions to various enzymes. I switched in my cooking and baking years ago and we far prefer the taste, too. 
Fun Ways to Boost Your Metabolism This Fall & Winter
Another good source of oils that are beneficial for your body is nuts. Instead of snacking on your favorite chips or crackers, you should try cashews, almonds, and peanuts, raw or roasted. You might even consider using nut flours instead of all purpose or wheat. Eating a serving of nuts will get your body enough antioxidants and vitamins and give you enough energy when working out while helping to rid you of the unhealthy fat in your body.

We all struggle with maintaining or even losing weight at times. So I am trying to incorporate fun ways to keep my metabolism going this fall and winter to keep those extra holiday pounds off! How do you avoid the winter weight gain?

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