Monday, April 30, 2018

April Budget

april clothing budget 2018

1. Black dress-c/o Aventura (exact, save, splurge, worn here)
2. Straw hat-c/o Aventura (exact, save, splurge, worn here)
3. Embroidered sweater-c/o SheIn (exact, save, similar)
4. Gingham dress-c/o SheIn (exact, save, splurge)
5. Blush tassel earrings-c/o Alison + Aubrey (exact, similar, worn here and here)
6. Blue pendant necklace-c/o Alison + Aubrey (exact, similar, worn here)
7. Lavender dress-c/o PinkBlush (exact, similar, similar, worn here)
8. Taupe lace sleeved top-c/o PinkBlush (exact, save, splurge, worn here)
9. Cognac bag-Kate Spade via Mecari app $47 (save, splurge)
10. Mint tassel earrings-Happiness Boutique with coupon code $.10  (exact, save, similar, worn here)
Total $47.10

I didn't spend much this past month clothing-wise this month, but I do have a couple items from LOFT ordered that will be coming in soon. If I end up keeping them I will put them in the May post. I bought camo pants I had to exchange for a smaller size that should arrive next week. I don't have much experience with LOFT pants, but they do seem to run a bit big for me. While in store doing my return/exchange I saw the prettiest jumpsuit. Since I was with my kids and hubby I didn't want to try it on, but I ordered it once we got home since LOFT was having a free shipping promo. Jumpsuits are a trend I've been wanting to try for a while so fingers crossed it works out!

I also ended up ordering another bag through the Mecari app (you can read my thoughts on the app here). Because I use my other crossbody bags so much I decided a larger tan/cognac colored one would really be useful. With a coupon, this one ended up being under $50. It's a great bag and the perfect size for me. And since it was so inexpensive I'm not worried about it getting a little worn (which will happen no matter how careful I am anyway. It's hard to have nice things as a mom, but that's ok!). If you are interested in the Mecari app, you can use my referral code for $10 off your first purchase: BWTCQJ.

For next month I'm keeping my eye out for a pair of sandals and distressed shorts. Otherwise I think I am set for warmer weather! Most of my summer clothes I couldn't wear last year so it's fun going through my summer items and rediscovering things!


  1. Oh girl, I wish my monthly spending looked like this! You always make the best spending decisions and I love seeing what you get. Can't wait to see your new bag!

  2. Love all these items that you picked up! That necklace is gorgeous!

  3. Oooh so pretty, those dresses! That gingham and blush need to be in my closet, sooo pretty and will look gorgeous on you!!

  4. I love the dresses, the blush one that you wore on your previous post was just so pretty on you. How do you manage cute earrings with a baby? Or are they work only pieces? I find the boys are always pulling or tugging on my jewelry pieces, so I have to be so careful when I wear dangly earrings!

    Hope you have had a wonderful weekend! We had a fun time at a kite festival on Sunday! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. I agree with Kellyann! Your disciplined spending habits are impressive! That pretty blush dress is my favorite this month! And can't wait to see what you got from LOFT! I don't order there often but their sale + free shipping sucked me in this weekend.
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  6. Ohh, I would love a Loft review post when you get your haul in! I have a birthday coupon to spend there this month and need some recommendations!

  7. Oh I envy your April budget. Nice!
    I love those earrings

  8. You did awesome this month. Can't wait to see how you are going to style that sweater.

  9. You always have such great selection, Laura!! I need a month where I don't spend much---ha ha---it would make my hubby happy!!

  10. You got a lot of fun items this month. I love that gingham dress and how fun are those earrings and that necklace?! I'm hoping to add a new bag to my wardrobe soon--I really need one!

  11. You got some good things! I am excited to see how your LOFT items turn out. That is one of my favorite stores.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  12. What great pieces for April! The gingham and black dresses are so pretty and I love the tassel earrings too!

  13. You did great to save on clothing thing month! So many great items for April!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  14. That gingham dress is so cute! In love with the sleeves!


  15. I love your new gingham dress and that bag was such a steal! You've done well shopping through Mecari!

  16. Those first two dresses are my absolute fave purchases of yours! Especially the lavendar one, loved it in the post you did.


  17. Have you decided whether or not to wear the lavender dress to the wedding? I thought it was just lovely on you. I bought two dresses for my daughter's June wedding at Banana Republic. My sister encouraged me to go with her to check out their dresses...very dangerous. So many pretty things.
    Cannot believe you got all of those great pieces for less than $50. Am I reading that right? Holy smokes! My mother would LOVE The way you bargain shop.
    Loft pants do run a little big but I love it because I can wear an 8 and sometimes a 6, ha!! Looking forward to seeing your jumpsuit. I would like to try one myself but worry about having to run to the bathroom in a hurry and trying to get undressed in a jumpsuit!! Oh, the fun of being 60!

    1. I think I will wear it! Why look for a different one when I've already found one I like?! Too much work! I am looking forward to the jumpsuit getting here. I'll have to do a review with my recent try-ons since I actually got a few different things and was able to try a few things on at the mall, too!

  18. Absolutely love your picks dear, especially the gingham dress with cute bellsleeves, and that flowy blush dress.

    Jessica |

  19. Wow you are very disciplined with your spending habits! Wish I was this organized and disciplined! This is a fantastic idea to record your monthly spending on the blog! You got so many amazing things, digging the gingham dress and those tasseled earrings especially!
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!
    Ankita | Real Girl Talks