Wednesday, February 14, 2018

6 Ways to Make Lasting Life Changes

Did you make any big New Year’s resolutions? I am not much of a resolution person. I prefer to make small life changes a little at a time to improve my overall health. Getting healthy doesn’t need to mean big life changes. Many people assume it has to involve a massive upheaval, and that it is going to be a huge task. However, this does not need to be the case. A few small changes can go a very long way to improving your mental and physical health. Here are some of the easiest ways to get healthy.

Keep good company – If you have personal relationships with people that have unhealthy habits, this can make it easy for you be unhealthy. Peer pressure can be strong at times. Even just being around unhealthy things can make it harder to avoid partaking yourself. Try to start spending more time with people who do have healthy habits that you are looking to emulate.

Improve your sleep quality – Do you get a restful sleep each evening? If not, you need to make some changes. You should try relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation to help you sleep. Not only this, but you need to ensure your bedroom is relaxing. It is also advisable to avoid using technology for at least an hour before you go to sleep. I also make a pillow spray with lavender essential oil to help me relax and fall asleep faster!

Think small – One of the biggest issues when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle is that we tend to give ourselves too much of a challenge. We often feel overwhelmed by all of the information we need to take into account and big lifestyle changes we need to make all at once. Instead, give yourself small goals, and it will be a lot easier. For example, you could set yourself a challenge of replacing the soda you have at lunch with two glasses of water. Once you have mastered this, set yourself another small challenge. You get to the finish line one step at a time.

Turn it into a hobby – One of the best ways to start leading a healthier life is to turn it into a hobby. For example, as part of your weekly or monthly routine, read a wellness magazine. You should also attend events in your local area that will help you to lead a healthier life like running a 5K or doing a mud run with friends. It is all about blending things you enjoy with your health goals.

Schedule some activity every day – It does not matter whether it is a walk on your lunch break or a personal training session at the gym, it is important to incorporate some form of exercise or physical activity into your daily routine. The benefits of this are extensive, including improving bone density, lowering cholesterol, improving lean muscle, normalizing blood pressure, and boosting your metabolism. And, this merely scratches the surface!

Focus on the positives – You know what they say, a healthy mind equals a healthy body. A positive attitude can go a long way to boosting your overall health and improving your immune system. So, make sure you focus on the positive! Whenever I am feeling down, I try to take a moment to count my blessings and remind myself of all the wonderful things I have in my life. It always helps to improve my mood!

It really does not require a huge effort to get healthy! In fact, it all starts with some small changes that can lead to lasting results.  


  1. These are all such excellent tips Laura! I totally agree about taking small steps for big changes, and I've been trying to do that as well this year. I've been trying to get some activity (even if it's just a short time) in every day and I also do try to get enough sleep. It can be a struggle though!

  2. Great tips! Sleep is so important, I know when I don't get enough it leads to bad cravings and of course no energy to be active.

    pumps and push-ups

  3. These points are good reminder to continue on my resolutions. Thansk for sharing <3

  4. Great tips and you are right - start small and build from there!

  5. Great tips, Laura! I love the idea of spritzing a pillowcase with a nice essential oil.
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  6. Truly great ideas. Even if I already know them, that doesn't mean I do them....but I have always thought sleep was so important...just call me grumpy if I don't get enough...LOL!!

  7. Being positive is a great way to be happier and healthier :)

  8. So many great tips! I have been working on eating better, which has been really my only goal for this year! I used to set so many goals and I got overwhelmed, especially when I didn't accomplish them. I do have a pillow spray and I love it!


  9. These are great tips. In my house we use sleep time lotion to help us go to sleep.

  10. These are great tips! I agree with the start small one too, it's easier to commit to keeping with something if you start with small steps first :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful week. The heatwave continues here unfortunately, so uncomfortable!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  11. Love these tips! Keeping it small to start with and staying positive is so important! Xx

  12. These are great tips! I always think of making things into a hobby and starting small!

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  14. Hey sugar, I think I read the post about the pillow spray long, long ago and bought all of the goodies to make the spray and then forgot where I read the recipe. I have pinned it now and plan to make this spray THIS WEEK. Thank you!!

    I have been writing in a gratitude journal that Carrie gave me each night and I really think it has helped me see the positive in every day.

    Great tips!!

  15. This is such a good read dear, and I couldn't agree more, especially on scheduling your activities. It organizes your day and makes you feel good when you accomplish your tasks.

    Jessica |

  16. While I am not a "resolutions" person I have to admit one thing I am trying to do is eat one fruit a day. I realised that sometimes I would go weeks without a single fruit ! So far I've accomplished it 90%-