Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Tips to Stay Healthy & Save Time in the Morning!

There are so many things that pull us one way or push us another. It's impossible to stay on top of being a mom, wife, professional, and get all the little things done we are expected to do each day. With all of that how are we supposed to find time to lead a healthy lifestyle? I can barely find time to get ready and to work on time in the morning! Today I am sharing some tips I use to help me to get ready faster while making healthy choices.

1. Lay out your clothes the night before.
I struggle with this. Sometimes I just want to go to bed, but if I don't lay out my outfit for the next day I always regret it. When you are pressed for time in the mornings it can be very difficult to put together a cute outfit. I try to keep a list of outfit ideas in the notes section of my phone whenever I feel inspired that I refer to whenever I feel stumped. Pinterest is also another (obvious) inspirational site that helps me decide what to wear for the next day. Make sure you iron anything that needs to be ironed and lay out accessories as well!

2. Think about the order you do things. Try to multi-task!
This really helps me! In the morning I set my water to boil in the electric kettle first so I can make my breakfast and set my lunch out while I wait for it to boil. Another example is putting on primer and letting it set while doing your hair so you can multi-task. Or if you shower in the morning, do your makeup first so your hair can air dry for a bit making your blow dry time shorter. I even squeeze in calf raises or hip exercises while I dry my hair. It's all about working smarter-not harder!

3. Have quick, healthy options available when packing your lunch.
Planning ahead and having quick and convenient options available for meals really helps me to eat healthier. By packing my lunch with healthy options I have at home, I avoid the temptation of getting take out. I like to stock Healthy Choice meals in our freezer to help me maintain a healthy, nutritious diet. All Healthy Choice is the only major brand in the frozen meals section that can call 100% of its products "healthy" (as approved by the FDA) and its meals are made with real ingredients and no preservatives so there is no worry about sacrificing taste or freshness. I love that the ingredients aren't frozen in the sauce so there is a more vibrant taste. They do this with a unique tray-in-tray steam cooking method that delivers fresh-tasting meals with crisp vegetables and juicy proteins. It also gives you the option of determining how much or how little sauce you'd like with your meal by letting you pour it on yourself. Healthy Choice meals are easy to find in the freezer aisle at grocery stores nationwide. You can visit them on facebook or at to learn more!  

4. Be prepared in case everything goes haywire. 
We all need a plan B sometimes. There have been so many mornings I thought I was prepared with my outfit laid out, early wake up time, and then there is some issue that puts me way behind. By having a plan B (go-to outfit, quick hairstyle, and fast and healthy meal) there is a fall-back plan to
help you get to work on time!

5. Keep your things in the same place. 
I keep my work bag, purse, and coat all in the closet by our door to the garage. When I get my lunch and tea ready in the morning, they go straight to my work bag, too. That way there is no lost time running around trying to find something. By keeping it all in the same place you stay organized and it's certainly one less thing to have to think about in the morning!

What suggestions do you have for saving time and still maintaining a healthy lifestyle? I'd love to hear your tips in the comments below!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Great tips! I have the luxury of eating at home everyday for lunch, but if I couldn't I would definitely be bringing the Healthy Choice meals with me! How convenient!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  2. These are great tips! I can get the dishwasher unloaded while my tea water is boiling and I try to keep everything in the same place so it's easy to find when I'm ready to go. Have a great weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Planning the night before is such a good idea. The morning always gets so hectic! Have a wonderful weekend Laura!

  4. yummy! i can't stress a plan b enough! maybe it's my nature to be over prepared, buti never expect it will all go right. but it's great when it does :)

  5. I'm such a crazy planner that I would plan all week's outfits on sunday. I made it somewhat easier by wearing the same pants all week long so I only had to change up the tops/blazers! Then I knew those pants could go to the cleaners!!
    I'd do the same thing for lunches....made a ton of food on Sunday and ate the same thing for lunch all week long---maybe somewhat boring, but easy!
    I'm more of a clean eater, but I love having these kind of meals ready for the crazy times when something happened unexpectedly!! jodie

  6. I need to try to set my clothes out in the morning. I feel like the little kid emergencies in the morning really throw off my mornings (like if one kid wakes up sick, but the other needs to go to school still). It would be good to have a plan B!!


  7. Such great tips! Laying out your clothes the night before is def a game changer!


  8. I do a lot if these tips already.

  9. For me, thinking about lunch the night before is so key. Otherwise I end up eating bad things or just not enough!

  10. Fantastic tips! I pre-make all the lunches for the week on Sundays so that I'm forced to eat the salads. All of them. Shoes to Shiraz

  11. great tips! I definitely need to set my clothes out the night before! haha

    Winn | ♥ | Instagram

  12. These are great tips! I love that you do exercise while blow drying your hair! I always have a few go to outfits so if I can't find anything in time I'll just wear those. And I pack my husband's lunch the night before so he can just grab it out of the fridge.

  13. great tips, I so struggle with the pick the outfit the night before, I know it speeds up my morning routine so much but... I have a hard time planning even 12 hours ahead for office wear

  14. I love your tips. I am like you about picking the outfit before (the previous night) though it doesn't always happen and living the things in the same place, always. The Healthy choice meals are some of my favorites. Actually I think the stir fry you showed here is my top favorite. But yeah I agree, one should have a plan B.