Friday, April 17, 2015

Packing for Europe: 21 Days

17 pieces three weeks
Even though it took me quite a while to pack for our recent trip to Ireland, I was really pleased with the options I had when I was there. We always do a lot of walking (sometimes 10+ miles a day), but I don't want to be dressing solely for comfort. We also go out for dinner every night so I wanted to have a few dressier options. And let's not forget, layers are important because you never know what the weather is going to be. After reviewing all the items I brought, I came up with three whole weeks of outfits! Now if only our vacation had been that long! ;)

Packing List:
1 pair of jeans (similar, similar
1 pair of pants (I packed cords, but colored jeans or khakis might work, too) (similar, similar
Black leggings (similar, similar
Colored leggings (similar, similar
1 skirt* (mine was in a comfy jersey knit) (similar, option
1 dress*(similar, similar
Solid color sweater (similar, similar
Embellished sweater (similar, similar
Patterned or graphic sweater (similarsimilar)
Embellished sweatshirt (similar, similar
Chambray (similar, similar
1 black long sleeve tee (similar, similar
1 colored long sleeve tee (similar, similar)
1 striped long sleeve tee (similar, similar
Light jacket (similar, similar
Black leather boots (similar, similar
Converse tennis shoes (similar, similar

*I suggest the skirt and dress are in the same/similar color palettes or neutral colors. My dress and skirt were black and white, but in different patterns making mixing and matching tops very easy.

I know I was only in Ireland for just under a week, but I actually came up with far more outfits from the clothes I packed. I decided to share all of them because a girl's got to have options, right? I chose items for mixing and matching and for their ability to layer. It is nice to be prepared for whatever the weather could be. Many of these outfits could be made to work for warmer/cooler weather by adding or taking off a layer. I know that most of these outfits are particularly inventive and many of them rely on outfit formulas (only switching out a sweater or pants to create a different outfit), but they are all cute, functional for sightseeing and traveling, and will have you look put together. 
1. Chambray with striped dress over top, leggings, and boots (or chambray over top dress for another option). I added a leopard belt to help define my waist when I wore this. 
striped dress leggings boots, chambray
2. Striped dress with graphic sweater over top, leggings and boots
striped dress boots leggings fox sweater
3. Striped dress, moto jacket, and tennis shoes
striped dress moto jacket converse
4. Striped dress, embellished sweatshirt, moto jacket, black boots
striped dress leggings sequined sweatshirt moto jacket
5. Striped dress, embellished sweater, burgundy leggings, and boots
striped dress jeweled collar sweater boots burgundy leggings
6. Skirt, graphic sweater, leggings and boots
houndstooth skirt fox sweater boots leggings
7. Skirt, jeweled collar sweater, leggings and boots
houndstooth skirt jeweled collar sweater, leggings, and boots

8. Skirt, chambray, leggings and boots
houndstooth skirt chambray, leggings, and boots

9. Skirt, green sweater, and boots
houndstooth skirt, green sweater, leggings, and boots

10. Skirt, long sleeved tee, and boots
houndstooth skirt, pink tee, leggings, boots

11. Pants, chambray, boots or tennis shoes
olive corduroy pants, chambray

12. Pants, graphic sweater, chambray, and boots
olive corduroy pants, chambray, fox sweater, boots

13. Pants, long sleeve tee, and tennis shoes
olive corduroy pants, pink tee, converse

14. Pants, jeweled collar sweater, and boots
olive corduroy, jeweled collar sweater, boots

15. Pants, sweatshirt, and tennis shoes
olive corduroy pants, sequined polka dot sweatshirt, converse

16. Pants, striped tee, and boots
olive pants, moto jacket, striped tee, boots

17. Jeans, jeweled collar sweater, and boots
jeans, embellished sweater, striped tee, boots

18. Jeans, v-neck sweater and long sleeve tee underneath and boots
jeans, green sweater, boots

19. Jeans, longsleeve tee, sweatshirt and tennis shoes
jeans, sequined polka dot sweatshirt, converse tennis shoes

20. Jeans, graphic sweater, and boots or tennis shoes
jeans, fox sweater, converse tennis shoes

21. Jeans, long sleeve tee, moto jacket, and boots
jeans, moto jacket, pink tee, boots

 You could easily use the black long sleeve tee for additional outfit options. I chose to use it as a layering piece. Some other potential add-ins to the suitcase would be another pair of jeans, heels or heeled booties, and a dressier dress for an evening out.
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  1. This is fabulous; and I'm the repeat overpacker. You have so many outfits to mix and match in the one bag!

  2. You did an amazing job packing! Such great options and I love that houndstooth skirt. :)

  3. ElleSees.blogspot.comApril 17, 2015 at 7:45 AM

    ok you officially ROCK! excellent choices and mixing of everything. great ideas.

  4. Wow, well done! That is all I can say.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  5. FABULOUS! You rock! Thanks so much for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday and have a great weekend!


    Dawn Lucy

  6. You did an awesome job packing for your trip.

  7. definitely important to have options, and you got so many great looks from your pieces!

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. WOW what a great suitcase and how creative you were with your outfits. I think bringing neutral-colored tops (tees, sweaters and such) is definitely a must. Plus a B+W Striped Dress (I included one in my current 10 remix). A Chambray, Black Boots and White Converse are always super versatile and go with everything. The only other thing I would have added is a LBD in a sheath or shift style, some booties either in camel, tan or nude, a fedora, a colorful statement necklace, a gold-tone long necklace (my tassel one, on the post from today), a pair of 360 pearl studs, another pair of stud earrings, a watch and a pair of patterned + a pair of colored tights (like burgundy or blue). That's all. I bet you brought in some jewelry and a hat or two, also. I am curious to know what accessories you brought.

  9. Carrie @ Curly Crafty MomApril 18, 2015 at 9:18 AM

    You did great... I would have probably packed 21 completely different outfits! My husband is never happy when he sees HOW much I've packed! LOL! Not a talent I have. I really love all of the different ways you styled that striped dress, because I just bought a similar dress from H&M.

  10. This is so smart! If I ever went to Europe for 3 weeks I would have 3 suitcases probably..I need to be a better packer!

  11. Wow, you did an amazing job with packing! I'm hope I do this well of a job when I go to Europe this summer :)

  12. What fabulous outfits! I am impressed with your packing savvy--21 pieces and you did a beautiful job with it! T.

  13. You did an amazing packing job! So many great looks!

    In Pink

  14. You did great with your packing! I'm surprised you only brought two pairs of pants although two pairs of leggings helped too. And only two pairs of shoes! Great job Laura!

  15. I'm such a nerd about packing posts, haha! You did a great job of packing - lots of mix and match potential! And the nice thing about the fact that you have extra outfits that you didn't wear while on vacation is that you can wear them now that you're back, too! :)

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