Friday, October 24, 2014

Doner Kebabs

There are just some foods you fall in love with that you can only get every so often. Pumpkin shakes from Whitey's (an ice cream shop where my husband and I went to college), chicken tenders from Beef A Roo in the Rockford area, and doner kebabs from Zaytoon's in Dublin are just some foods that I absolutely love! Doners are available all over the place in Europe and rather rare in Milwaukee. So after some trial and error, I found a few recipes I combined together to make a pretty darn good doner kebab. Or one that will at least tide us over until we can travel to Europe and get one again! 

I used this recipe for the meat seasoning and this recipe to make a garlic aioli for the sauce. Together with a few other ingredients, it's fast becoming a staple dinner at our house! 

Doner Kebabs
Meat Marinade
1/3c. olive oil
2t. oregano
1t. paprika
2T. minced garlic
2 1/2T. lemon juice
1t. salt
2lbs boneless, skinless chicken breast cubed into 1 inch or smaller pieces

1. Combine everything in a large bowl or ziploc bag and let marinade for at least an hour. Cook in a skillet until cooked though.

Garlic Aioli
3/4c. mayo
3T. minced garlic
2 1/2T. lemon juice
3/4t. salt
1/2t. black pepper

1. While meat is marinating mix all aioli ingredients and refrigerate at least 30 minutes before serving. If desired use a blender to mix in the garlic and make the sauce smoother. 

Assembling the kebabs:
seasoned salt
sriracha sauce
red onion, sliced

1. Heat naan with olive oil and a bit of seasoned salt in a frying pan until golden brown. Add cooked chicken, drizzle with sauce, add a few drops of sriracha sauce as desired and pile on tomatoes, red onion and lettuce. 


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  1. Oh my husband would love these!! And nan is the best thing ever! I could make these sans the meat for my daughter and I and I bet they would still be yummy!! Susan

  2. i've never had this combination before--but man does it look tasty!!

  3. We call them Donairs and they are very popular in Canada especially the East Coast. I love donair sauce. This recipe looks amazing, I am going to have to try it out

  4. Yum!! This looks totally delicious! I've never heard of Doner Kebabs, thanks for introducing me!

  5. I love doners. I actually had one last night. We have doner stand all around my house. Also some deliver. I have never try making mine own. Maybe one day. Have a great weekend.

  6. These look delicious! Thanks for sharing! I'm pinning to make soon!


  7. Oh, yum! Looks healthy, too--which is always a plus! T.

  8. Mmmm this looks delicious! I have never had this before but I would try it in a heartbeat. Especially when I'm stuck with college food everyday, anything else looks amazing!
    xo Olivia

  9. jummie!!!!

    thanks for sharing :)
    can we follow eachother for keep in touch?
    let me know, please. I always follow back :)
    have a inspiring day :)

  10. This looks really fresh and tasty - love the sound of that garlic aioli! Pinning this one!

    Chic on the Cheap

  11. Oh wow! These look and sound amazing! You just made me so hungry! :)

  12. This looks mouth watering!

  13. It looks yummy. xoxo

  14. OMG these sound delicious and easy to make and it has all the ingredients I love. I will make these for dinner sometime this week. Thanks so much for this recipe, Laura. =)