Sunday, August 24, 2014

Just a Number

Last summer I read a few posts other bloggers did called 30 by 30. It involved making a list of 30 things you would like to accomplish by the age of 30. I thought it was a great idea, but at the time I was almost 29 and I didn't want to make a list with so many things to check off in only a year. So now, on my 30th birthday, in an effort to be proud of my age and how I've spent my life so far, I am looking back on some of my accomplishments. 
1. Married for 8 years to a wonderful man.
2. Have an amazing daughter.
3. Own a house.
4. Earned my B.A.
5. Earned my M.S.
6. Have a job I love.
7. Studied abroad while in college.
8. Run an marathon in Dublin, Ireland while studying abroad.
9. Run Chicago marathon (check x5!)
10. Traveled to Ireland and Scotland.
11. Traveled to Spain and Portugal.
12. Traveled to London.
13. Traveled to Germany.
14. Traveled to the Netherlands (and a lot of other places).
15. Saw painting Girl with a Pearl Earring in person. 
16. Saw Niagara Falls.
17. Climbed Eiffel Tower-no elevator and saw Paris.
18. Paid off student loans (well this should be done, but I am waiting on approval that should be arriving any day now...)
19. Improved my sewing skills.
20. Improved my gardening skills. (note: I didn't say how much they've improved.) 
21. Kept updated scrapbooks (mostly, I'm about a year behind now).
22. Tried out my acting with community theatre (hopefully to do again sometime in the future).
23. Tried out kayaking.
24. Renovated parts of our house.
25. Improved my cooking and baking skills.
26. Tried hundreds of new recipes.
27. Learned (still learning) how to use our DSLR.
28. Created a budget with retirement and nest egg savings.
29. Learned more about fashion and what looks good on me.
30. Started a blog. 

I think the important thing is to remember age is just a number. Who you are and what you did is most important! 
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  1. You are a very accomplished women, Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. Way to go! You should be proud of your life so far! I love setting goals! Blessings! Susan

  3. I love this, and you've accomplished a lot, you should be proud! Happy birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one.

  5. Happy Birthday Laura!!! I love how many places you have travelled that are all on my list of places to go! Hope you had a great day and wishes for a great year ahead.. :)

  6. You are amazing!!! Happy birthday Laura! It's really fun to share this blogging space with you!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  7. What a great post! Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday! I'm jealous of all your travels! I did just a month of study abroad in college, and I really wish I had done a full semester, so I could have traveled around more. But at the time, it seemed too expensive, and too long to be so far away.

  9. Hope you were as spoiled for your birthday as your husband was by you...I gathered he was pretty excited about his new clubs!

  10. how wonderful that you've lived abroad and traveled so much. i should have done that in college, but i was such a shy person. i'm making up for it in my adult travels, lol. happy birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday! This is such a great list! I have some of those countries on my bucket list too :)

  12. What a great list! It's so fun to see all that you have accomplished when you write it all out! Happy Birthday!


  13. Yay!! This is so fun! Such a great way to look back. 30 is DEFINITELY just a number. It used to seem so old, but now that I am approaching it, I realize how young it is!

    I love that you have worked with your community theater - I think that is pretty amazing.


  14. Nice - what a great list! And happy belated birthday!!

  15. It was the best present ever! I didn't even buy them. I just told him his present was going to be golf clubs and he could pick them out. Easy peasy!

  16. Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry but I have been on vacation. I enjoyed this list and wow you have accomplished so much in such a young age still. I bet Motherhood is the best of the list, right? And good for you for having some acting skills also.

    Hope your Birthday weekend was wonderful! You deserve it, Laura. =)

  17. I think you have a lot to be proud of! Here's to a fabulous year and many more!

  18. This is such a great list!! You've accomplished quite a bit and traveled quite a bit too! I want to explore Europe one day too. Congrats on all your marathons, that's no easy task!

  19. AH! I'm the worst! Happy belated birthday, Laura! I think you've had a pretty fantastic life so far - not to shabby! I'm not one to get hung up on age at all (luckily, I get that from my mom - she never complains or freaks out about aging), so I like your approach to focusing on all the wonderful things you've been able to accomplish in your 30 years :)