Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Curling with a Straight Iron

First of all, thank you to all of you and your sweet compliments on my hair. I will be honest. I do not love my hair, but I have come to like it. It's really thick, a little coarse, super wavy/curly and can be a pain to style. It's taken most of my life to figure out how to work with it and so your comments have meant a lot! I've gotten a few requests for a tutorial on how I do my hair. I originally used this tutorial to get the hang of it, but it took a few tries to get it right. Just a word of warning, I really have no idea what I am doing here!
I don't really use any product in my hair, unless you count moroccan oil. Once it's completely dried, I use a straight iron and butterfly clip for styling. Although I have a nicer flat iron (Chi), I really like this $20 one by Remington. It has a longer ceramic plate so I can straighten or curl more hair at a time. It's been a time saver for me! 

This is my hair after drying it. If I let it air dry it is much curlier, but I use a paddle brush to straighten it a little.

I go from bottom to top so I use my butterfly clip to secure the upper portion of my hair.

Taking about a 2 inch section at a time, I pull the straightener from root to halfway down then start to twist the straightener as I pull down.

Typically I twist the straightener over 360 degrees around. The more you twist the tighter the curl.

Once I'm done with a section I keep moving up.

From the back.

And from the front. For me this stays at least a full day. I typically take outfit pics after work so what you see is after about 10 hours. And I don't use hairspray either. 


And if you promise not to laugh here is a quick video. Hope you found that helpful!

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  1. Curling with a flat iron takes some practice but once you get the hang of it, its great! I only used a flat iron to curl my hair now


  2. sounds like we have the same type of hair!! i can't use hairspray on mine or it's frizz city.

  3. That is the only way I can curl my hair and keep a curl. I love my chi!



  4. so going to try this out one day

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. I will give it a try with my flat iron. The pictures are very helpful and OMG the hair from the back looks even prettier. You were a natural at the video, too. =) Pretty Girl!

  6. So now I am curious what you look like with the naturally curly hair! Your hair always looks so nice, I didn't realize you have to fight with it a little bit!

  7. Your unstyled hair looks a lot like mine does, and this the technique I use to curl as well, but yours look way better! Maybe I just need to go slower?

  8. It's a secret! ;) I typically wear my hair straight during the winter and curly in the summer because of the humidity. I'm sure you will see some curly looks in a few months (as long as summer actually comes this year!).

  9. Maybe? I do go fairly slow and twist it a lot!

  10. I love seeing bloggers do videos! You make it look so hair is a lot finer and very straight but I will have to give this a try and see how it goes!

  11. i know i am one of the people who has asked you how you do your hair so i really appreciate this tutorial! i have tried curling my hair with a straightener before but i guess i could never get the right angle or wrapping method down to have the same effect as you do here... so i'll definitely have to bookmark this tutorial for when my hair grows out more and i can give it a try again. thanks!!

  12. Luckily my hair is long enough I just pull my hair from the back to the front so I can see while I curl it. I had shorter hair for all of high school and college and loved how fast it was to do in the mornings!

  13. It did take me at least a week of trying before I perfected it, so don't give up! Now that I have it down, I can do my whole head in about ten minutes! :)