Saturday, July 20, 2013

To Alter or Do Away With?

Shirt- Gap
Shorts- Target
Shoes- Old Navy
Earrings (which probably don't matter because you can't see them)- Francesca's Collections
Hair pin- Penney's (Irish store)
Ring- gift
Watch- Michael Kors
White and cluster bracelets- Ebayed
Gold bracelet- gift

I did have a brown belt on earlier in the day, but I took it off halfway through and I guess I forgot to put it on for the pictures (I liked it better with the belt). I guess you win some and you lose some. I was actually debating throwing this shirt in the Goodwill pile since it is a size too big and I hated the smocked waist, but I love the neckline and floral print. Hey, duh Laura, why don't you tuck it in? Problem solved! I might still see if I can take the sides in (there is SO much extra fabric you can kind of see on the side view pics), but it's silk so that makes me nervous! What would you do?

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