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Starting the New Year Clean With Simply Earth

Starting the New Year Clean With Simply Earth

The entire winter break Claire has been ALL about crafting, cooking, and making things. The majority of her gifts were craft kits and an Easy Bake Oven (with a heavy dose of books). Her family knows her well! Even with all those gifts, when the Simply Earth Essential Oil box came in the mail you could have heard her excited squeal for miles! She could not wait to get started on the recipes! And the timing could not have been better either. We are just about out of our Love & Spice diffuser blend from November and we were so excited to try a new one! If you are unfamiliar with Simply Earth, they are a company that sells high-quality essential oils and accessories. They are well-known for their amazing monthly essential oil box that includes 3 essential oils and 1 blend with accessories and ingredients to make recipes that you can use in your everyday life. If you are looking to get started with using essential oils in your home, this is the perfect way to begin and familiarize yourself with their uses! 

This month's essential oil box includes zinc oxide, body wash base and container, cardboard deodorant container and 4 essential oils. The essential oils featured in this month's box are: 
  • Lemon- energizes, cleans, stimulates, uplifts
  • Ylang Ylang- calms, uplifts, relieves pain, promotes skin health
  • Camphor- repels insects, supports respiration, soothes 
  • B.O. Be Gone- deodorizes
The recipes this month were so much fun! They were a Happy Dance Diffuser Blend, Soothing Zinc Body Butter, B.O. Be Gone Natural Deodorant, Sunshine Body Wash, Oil Pull Mouth Rinse, and B.O. Be Gone Backup Roll On. 

Happy Dance Diffuser Blend
This light and uplifting diffuser blend has just the right amount of citrus and floral. We all love the scent! 
Starting the New Year Clean With Simply Earth

Soothing Zinc Body Butter
This body butter just melts into your skin. It's very soothing! You may even want to make a double batch. And it is very easy to switch out the essential oils used if you want a different scent. 
Starting the New Year Clean With Simply Earth

B.O. Be Gone Natural Deodorant
If you have never tried natural deodorant before, it is recommended you read this blog post prior to using. This was easier to make than I thought! I had no idea what would go into making your own deodorant. It actually made a little more than the container could hold so make sure you have something on hand for the extra! It smells so nice! I really like the fresh, clean scent of the B.O. Be Gone essential oil blend! 
Starting the New Year Clean With Simply Earth

Sunshine Body Wash
This was incredibly easy to make and my kids and I love the scent! I will definitely be looking into getting more body wash base to make more once we finish this! 
Starting the New Year Clean With Simply Earth

Oil Pull Mouth Rinse
I had heard of this practice, but never actually tried it. It was...interesting. Definitely something you would need to get used to over time. But studies do suggest it could help with oral health. 
Starting the New Year Clean With Simply Earth

This box also had the recipe for a B.O. Emergency Back Up Roll On, but I'm actually saving it for summertime. It would be the perfect thing to keep in your bag to help keep yourself smelling fresh as a daisy! Ok, well actually as fresh as a blend of Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Lavender, and Sweet Orange. Haha! 

If you are debating signing up, next month's box looks like it will be seriously amazing! It has our favorite blend of all time- the Happy Joy blend! We use the Happy Joy roll on ALL THE TIME! Claire loves it to help her feel positive and calm. Plus it just smells so good. We have re-made the roll on several times! Next month's box also contains basil essential oil, geranium essential oil, and an all new blend! I can't wait to see what fun recipes are in store! 

The Simply Earth subscription box is a wonderful opportunity to begin using essential oils more and making useful and fun items you can use in your home. If you have children, the box is a great way to spend some time with them making things together! Use my referral link and my code IDODECLAIREFREE and receive a $40 gift card towards a future box or something else on their site AND a free Bonus Box!! It contains all kinds of little extras to help you make the recipes. And there are also other benefits to the subscription box like being able to add items to your box for free shipping, being able to exchange oils, and being able to gift a month to someone! 

Simply Earth provides support for you with their blog containing videos and explanations of each recipe, a facebook group where you can ask questions and share knowledge, an essential oil hero course so you can make your own recipes, and their amazing customer service team! 

Starting the New Year Clean With Simply Earth

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