Sunday, November 1, 2020

What Will Christmas 2020 be Like?

What Will Christmas 2020 be Like?

Christmas is just around the corner (yes, really) and although the current global situation may mean that the festive period isn’t exactly at the forefront of your mind right now, we do have to begin thinking about it since Santa is readying is reindeer as we speak.

There is no getting away from the fact that Covid has turned our lives upside down with pretty much every country around the world having their own set of social restrictions, not to mention how different states vary, too. Physical distancing is almost universal now, as is the need for wearing masks and reducing social contact down to the bare minimum – sadly all of this makes having a traditional Christmas a little difficult this year.

No matter where you are, the holidays are set to be a lot different from what we are used to. Families won’t be able to gather as they usually would and the giving of presents will have to happen via courier service, as heartbreaking as that is. However, we must count our blessings – at least we have our health and, even though it might be via video call, we can still celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with loved ones in some sense. This won't be forever! So if you want to think ahead and start planning, here are some ways your Christmas holiday may look a bit different. 

Christmas Shopping

Recent years have seen more and more of us turn to online shopping to buy presents for friends and family at Christmas and the pandemic will only increase that. Not only will this mean we won’t have to wait outside of the shops waiting in the cold at the back of a socially distanced line, but it also means we can have the presents we buy delivered straight to the recipient’s door. No wrapping required! 

For example, if you are living in the United States and would love to send a present to someone in the UK, a fruit basket delivery can be arranged at the click of a button. Distance is no factor, which is another positive we should take from the madness, with friends and family living hundreds of miles away connecting with you in the same way as anyone who lives locally.

With the increase in online shopping, don't forget about the smaller businesses. Try to buy from small and/or local businesses where possible, as it is those shops that will be feeling the pinch more than most during these times. Many of these businesses are changing to meet the needs and shipping out their products!

What Will Christmas 2020 be Like?

Less Travel-More Time at Home

With increasing positivity rates and many governments discouraging gatherings, many family celebrations will likely be pared down or cancelled. Thankfully, this was our year to spend the holiday in our home so not much will change for us. But the decrease in time traveling means more time with your immediate family. It can be a chance to make memories and spend time doing traditional activities like sledding, making a gingerbread house, driving to see Christmas lights, and baking cookies. 

Christmas Over Zoom

As we prepare for a Christmas over Zoom, we should do all that we can to embrace this digital festive period – in the hope that it is for one year only – and make the most of a bad situation. On the plus side, a digital Christmas means there should be less food waste because no family ever comes close to eating the mountain of food that is bought for the holidays. If you are not a fan of turkey, which many people aren’t, this year makes for the ideal excuse to buck the tradition and, instead, tuck into a ham, lamb, or make it easy and simple and eat pizza.

On Christmas Day, you could even set up a screen with an ongoing Zoom call to run all day to at least feel as though you have your loved ones there with you as you normally would. Some may choose to open presents on a video call, as well as arranging to have your lunch at the same time to tuck into your Christmas dinner via Zoom.

Whatever Christmas will be this year, we must remember what it is all about, which is being there for one another in spirit…even if we have to stay apart.

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