Monday, November 30, 2020

November Purchases

November Purchases

  1. Fleece leggings- amazon $16.14
  2. Tiger tee- amazon $15.05 (worn here)
  3. Black plaid shirt- J.Crew via Poshmark $0 with credits (similar, similar)
  4. Colorblock sweater dress-c/o Shein (worn here)
  5. Wide leg jeans- Old Navy $29.74
  6. Kind is Cool sweatshirt-c/o via amazon (worn here
  7. White cut out sweater- c/o via amazon (worn here
  8. Leather jacket- c/o Angel Jackets (worn here)
  9. Mom Mode sweatshirt-c/o Bellelily (worn here)
  10. Yellow sweater-c/o Shein (worn here)
  11. Burgundy sweater-c/o Shein 
  12. Brown leopard blouse-c/o Shein (worn here)
  13. Black and yellow floral blouse-c/o Shein (worn here)
  14. Leopard colorblock sweater- c/o Shein (worn here)
  15. Tweed skirt-c/o Shein 
  16. Navy dress-c/o Shein
  17. White & gold striped sweater-c/o Shein 
  18. Brown & orange colorblock sweater-c/o Shein 
  19. Black blouse-c/o Shein 
  20. Burgundy bag-c/o Teddy Blake (worn here)
Total: $60.93
Between the Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, I received a TON of Shein items. In complete honesty, I really like all of them and the only thing I decided not to keep was the grey colorblock cardigan-only because I seemed to snag it on about everything I came into close contact with which is probably more of my issue than the cardigan itself. I finally found a replacement for my old fleece leggings and think I might have to get the camo pair now! I was feeling adventurous and ordered a few different pairs of wide leg crop jeans. After some experimenting I kind of like them and look forward to wearing them. 

If you missed my Shein try-ons on my instastories, here are my Shein Black Friday and Cyber Monday picks. The sale ends today, but you can use my code ShwEq for 15% off through 12/6!

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