Monday, November 23, 2020

Gift & Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

Gift & Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

Can you believe Christmas is just over a month away?! It's coming up fast and with all the shipping concerns due to Covid, I'm trying to get my shopping done even earlier than normal. But it can be hard to think of ideas for everyone in less time! I've rounded up my favorites for the men in your lives, your girl friends, and the kiddos this week. First up is all about the guys! 
Men's Gift Guide
Gift & Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men
  1. Weighted blanket and cover- My hubby loves his!
  2. Portable AC
  3. Blue light blocking glasses- they help with eye strain and headaches so much! 
  4. Drinking card game-turns any turn-based game into a drinking game
  5. Jerky bouquet 
  6. Personalized collar stays- super sweet!
  7. 32 Degrees cooling undershirts- Think Soma Cool Nights Pajamas, but in a men's undershirt version! 
  8. Cocktail smoking kit- How cool is this?!
  9. Carbon steel carving knife
  10. Power strip tower

Men's Stocking Stuffer Ideas 
Gift & Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men
I hope these give you some ideas! I'll be back tomorrow with a gift guide and stocking stuffer ideas for women, then on Wednesday will be for kids! 

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