Wednesday, November 25, 2020

4 Tips to Help You Achieve a Barely-There Makeup Look

4 Tips to Help You Achieve a Barely-There Makeup Look

Some days, you may feel like going all out glam with your look, but other days you may be battling time, motivation, or you are wanting that gorgeous, fresh, barely there look to show off your 'good skin' day!  Whatever the reason, here are some tips to achieve that fresh faced look. 

Always Apply A Moisturizer

A moisturizer is a great way of enhancing your skin and giving it that little bit of hydration it needs. After you’ve woken, your skin is going to be lacking moisture due to the lack of water in your body. That’s why applying a moisturizer can be good for the skin as a base before applying makeup. If you want to achieve a subtle and more effortless makeup look, then forget about using foundation and concealer. All you need for the base is a moisturizer that’s going to either mattify your skin or give you a glowy, hydrated look. It’s dependent on what type of moisturizer you choose, so experiment with brands and products until you’ve found the right one for you. 

4 Tips to Help You Achieve a Barely-There Makeup Look

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Mascara Is All You Need

When it comes to eyeshadow, put down the palette, and pick up your mascara. Regardless of your lash length or volume, mascara is a great way of keeping things simple when tackling the eyes. The mascara is going to lift your natural lash while also coating it to add definition. With mascara, for a barely-there makeup look, all you need is this product. If you need some kind of eyeshadow base, then go for something that will match your skin tone and simply reduces any redness or appearance of veins on your eyelid. 

Use Highlighter For The Glow

The beauty community is often divided into those who prefer a matte look and those who prefer a dewy look. Either way, you want to have a highlighter that’s going to give you a glow that looks natural or elevated. When using a highlighter, be sure to pick the right tone for your skin and that you’ve got something that’s buildable. When applying a highlighter, you want to focus it on the areas where the sunlight naturally hits your face. So practice this by looking at where the light hits your face and then applying it to those areas! Most days I like to just hit my cheekbones with a dusting of it. 

4 Tips to Help You Achieve a Barely-There Makeup Look

Go For A Nude Lip

And finally, to finish off the look, all you want to apply to your lips is a nude lipstick. Remember to look for a color that is going to enhance your natural lip color, instead of it changing it completely. You might also want to add a bit of highlighter to the highest points on your lips and on the cupid’s bow to give it a more plump appearance.

A barely-there make-up look is something different and so if you’re fancying a change from the usual, use these tips. Sometimes a subtle look is a lot more effective than your normal routine.

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