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Making The Decision To Move

Making The Decision To Move

One of the most important decisions we make in our life is to choose our home, since it can be the place where we spend the rest of our life, where we could see our children grow up, and live unforgettable moments as a family. So if you are looking to buy a new home or make a move, there are things you need to take into account to ensure you are making the right choice. It's a good idea to make a list with the needs and desires you want and don't even consider the properties that do not have what is required.  

Most importantly, calculate a budget since it will be a long-term financial commitment. How much money is available? How much money can I borrow and how much can I have for this purpose? By answering these questions we can determine how much our budget will be. And ensure you over-budget for this because there are always repairs and upkeep that needs to be taken care of. 

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Look in depth 

Deciding on a place to live can easily become an emotional decision. Do not make a decision based on your first impression. A beautiful house on the outside can have different problems on the inside and cause expenses that we did not have contemplated. The key is to have different options, regardless of the number of properties that you liked, visit each of them and reduce the list to three so that you can analyze in detail the characteristics you want for your new home.


Finding a new house that is relatively close to your work is important. It should be well connected with respect to transportation and that there are routes that allow you to get there easily. After all, there are things that can be changed about a home, but you can never change its location! 


Another issue that you must analyze is the future. As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. But when deciding on a location to move, you need to have all of that information prior to the decision. Many times we decide where we want to make a life and settle down without considering some important issues, such as the climate of the place, the security of the area, how long we may want to live there, and even taxes or other costs or issues with moving there. If you want to move to a new city, state, or even country there are many considerations to ensure it is a good move. For example, what paperwork must be completed? Are there language barriers or would you need to apply for a new job? Will you be able to see friends and family as often as you want? It is so much more than a simple property search online when moving abroad. But once you decide on a location to move, an initial property search can provide insight into a neighborhood and what options are available in your price range. Say you want to look at taman desa in Kuala Lumpur for a new life abroad. Just a quick search can let you know if the housing is in your budget or if it meets your needs and wants. 

Making The Decision To Move

Before signing:

Check the repairs

Most builders take a final walkthrough shortly before you close your new home. If you are buying one that is already built, make sure you have an inspection. Many will have been taken care of before moving in. If there are any unresolved items, check with your constructor so that each item is taken care of. Any lighting issues, chipped electrical outlet covers, or issues with the plumbing are the main things that are needed and should be immediately fixed.  And if the home is under current ownership you can negotiate which repairs you would like taken care of before closing. 

Make your vision a reality

When you first looked at your new home, you probably imagined what it would look like with paint, furniture, and complete accessories. The first few months of living in your new home is the perfect time to bring that vision to life. Maybe you want to make some changes you feel sure about and leave some for later after you live in your home a while. Decorate your home in the way you imagined so that you really like it and can thrive in it. You must make your home feel like YOUR home if you want to feel comfortable and proud of it. If you have it in the budget and it is a 'forever home' you may even want to It look at interior designing, landscapers, and new furniture to best suit your style. 

Know your neighborhood

Your house is not a stand alone building; it is part of a whole community! So, don't wait for your neighbors to come to you, go out and say hello. (Although if your neighbors come to you and introduce themselves, you know you picked a great place to live!) Your neighbors can become some of your closest friends, plus they can help you keep an eye on your house when you are away. The benefits are endless. Do you have children? Your new neighbors can too. A playgroup or swim team may be hugely beneficial for you to get to know other people. Other residents may share your interests. Many times, cities or neighborhoods have home community club to help you meet people with shared interests. Still can't find a group with your interest? Start one through social media or community bulletin boards. Knowing your community is also important for practical reasons. And don't forget to add in the phone numbers of the nearest hospital, police station, and fire station to your phone. If you have pets, it is a good idea to know where the nearest veterinarian and animal hospital are, too. The more you know about your neighborhood, the more at ease and 'at home' you will feel. 

Making a move and/or buying a house is both an exciting and a stressful process and with the proper preparation and direction, you may find yourself on a fun journey that can change your life for the better! 

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