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Life Lately | October

Life Lately October
We've have 80 degree temps and snow. Good grief what a month! But another month closer to closing the door on 2020. 

Books I've Read
  • The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler- This book follows the story of Simon, a librarian on the East Coast who lives on Long Island Sound. He receives an antique book log that follows the journey of a traveling troupe of performers in colonial America. It turns out that the book has familial ties since the women in Simon's family have been well-known circus performers; specifically mermaids who can hold their breath for an exceptionally long time. Unfortunately their lives all ended tragically and they drowned, suspiciously all on the date of July 24. Simon becomes worried about his sister, a tarot card reader who works with a circus as the date approaches. I enjoyed the dual story line discovering details about Simon's past as he navigates through the book and the slight fantasy aspect of it. I didn't find him to be a particularly likable character though. He seems to lack purpose or any gumption whatsoever so I don't understand why people in the book like him. 3.5/5
Shows I've Watched
  • Atypical- A 4 season long comedy-drama with the main character having autism. Sam's battle for more independence is a common theme throughout the sessions and there are many funny moments!
  • Halt and Catch Fire (season 1)- Kellyann recommended this show and it is fascinating! I didn't realize how cut-throat the computer business was (is?)! 
  • The Home Edit- I love an organized space so this show was addicting! I love seeing how they are able to transform a space into a beautiful organized room. There are a lot of great tips that I have been able to implement. I also have the urge to organize my books in rainbow colors, too. 
  • Sex Education- This is a British comedy-drama is about Otis, a high school boy whose mother is a sex therapist. He struggles with different sexual issues, but somehow begins giving advice to his classmates for money with the aid of his unlikely friend Maeve. 
  • Emily in Paris- Of course I had to watch this relatively lighthearted drama if not for the fashion alone! It temporarily satisfied my travel bug. I can't wait for season 2!
Recipes I've Tried 
  • Lemon Ricotta Pasta- Not impressed. I was hoping for this to be a 'lighter' pasta dish with a fresh flavor. I didn't find it very flavorful at all. It wasn't bad, just not memorable. 
  • Roast Beef Sandwiches- This was delicious! We love making sliders with Hawaiian rolls. This was a new recipe that I especially liked. The teriyaki flavor was an interesting twist that was so good!
  • Gingerbread Cookie Bars- I will warn you- it's hard to eat just one. The frosting is amazing and they are pretty easy to make! 
  • Carmel Cider Pumpkin Sheet Cake- This is from Andrea at Living on Cloud Nine and it is divine! Claire said it "tastes like fall" and I have to agree. So yummy! 
Products I've Been Using 

  • Natalie Dylana perfume- I received some Natalie Dylana perfume to try from Scent Beauty. It has a lovely scent with fig, mandarin, leaf, currant, orange blossom, amber woods and more. I love all of the layers it has from light and fruity, to sensual and musky. I wear perfume everyday and have fun choosing which one I wear. It depends on my mood and this perfume, with its deeper notes, is perfect for fall. It's really lovely! Use code IDODECLAIRE for a discount, too! 
  • Appreciating- I am appreciating people who are careful and respectful of others. Who are obeying social distancing and guidelines. I appreciate that there are creative minds everywhere trying to find ways to connect with family and friends and make life work in the midst of it all! I appreciate that years from now we can look back and think it really wasn't that long of a time and we will all be together and having fun again! 
  • Ordering- I just ordered the cake for Aveline's birthday next weekend. It's going to have a pink monster with sprinkles on top. I can't wait for her to see it! 
  • Perfecting- I think am perfecting rolling with the punches better. Claire was supposed to start hybrid school next week, but that has been pushed back due to rising rates of infection. Safety first, but man my calendar is so full of scratched out things! It can be tough some days for sure.
  • Planning- Although we have hosted Thanksgiving for the past 2 years, this year we are planning on celebrating as a family of 4. I would hate for a time of thanksgiving to be the cause of infection. I really hope we can all be together again next year. And healthy!
  • Wearing- I have been wearing all the amazing Aventura and Old Ranch Brands items I recently received. They are so cute and perfect for fall! 
  • Family Update-
    • Claire- Claire has been enjoying socially distanced Girl Scout meetings outside and I'm so thankful she can at least see her friends every so often. She wrapped up her soccer skills institute and really liked it. This past month she had the opportunity to try Mathnasium tutoring. She is using Eureka math at school and the teaching methods sometimes go over my head. The Mathnasium tutors are familiar with it and have targeted their program to really help her with specific skill sets she needs most. They also help her with her homework and can reteach and check it. What is really nice, is that the tutoring can be done in center or online. Claire has tried both and while she prefers in-center, right now I feel more comfortable with her online. You can upload photos of homework directly to the site and she can complete it with the tutor. And Claire LOVES the incentive program! I am really impressed with it! 
    • Aveline- Not going to lie, struggling with potty training here. I'm struggling with motivation and time. I was hoping to start when Claire went back to school part time, but that has been put off now. So not sure when that will happen. Pray for me guys! Other than that, she continues to crack us up on the regular. I need to lock the door when I shower because otherwise she has been known to undress herself and join me. She also likes to steal Claire's LOL dolls and let them go swimming in the sink (such a mess)! And she has learned to push the stool over to the cabinet to reach her candy bag. That girl is such a rascal! She even tries to give Claire time outs. And when she self-talks, she will call herself, "Honey." And we can't help but laugh! 
    • Matt- He has had a busy month with 2 trips and now a virtual series of meetings this week. 
    • Me- I am excited I finished the girls' Halloween costumes over a week early! I will make sure to post a photo when they are both all dressed, but Claire convinced Avie to be Wilbur and Charlotte from Charlotte's Web. They are going to be so adorable! We are all very excited to find out my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are expecting their first child this spring! I get to be an aunt again and the girls can't wait to meet their new cousin! 

November Goals
  1. Take rings to jeweler- My rings started causing me an allergic reaction so I haven't been able to wear them daily for over a year. I think coating them in zinc will help so I'd like to take them to a local jeweler so I can wear them again. 
  2. Organize Claire's toys in her room- Toys are worse than bunnies. They multiply and storage and organization is always an issue. I am hoping to get it all organized and have her decide on some things to donate and toss. 
  3. Participate in an instagram giveaway- It would be nice to grow my instagram a bit by participating in an instagram giveaway. 
  4. Donate things to Goodwill- I always try to do fall organizing before the holidays to make extra space and donate to Goodwill. I'd like to make a trip now and possibly one more time before the end of 2020. 
  5. Reorganize storage room- This is another area of the house that could use some organization. Yes, a well-organized space makes me happy! We cleared out a lot of baby things and gave them away. Now I want to organize the space so everything is easily accessible and sorted well. 
October Goals Recap

  1. Re-organize my closet- I reorganized my closet by sleeve length first and then by color. I'm hoping it helps me get more use from some of my pieces!
  2. Book a mini-photo session-Done! We had our mini photo session this past Sunday. 
  3. Paint the mirror in the kitchen- The mirror in the kitchen had a black and cherry colored frame that didn't really go with our style. So I used chalk paint and did the border in navy blue and white then antiqued with a wax and then distressing. I absolutely love the way it came out and I had all of the supplies so it didn't cost a cent! 
  4. Finish my CEUs- DONE!! I have completed 30 CEUs this year and am now done until January of 2023. Crazy! 
  5. Get a facial- I booked an IPL facial for today! I got a package of 2 and am really hoping to see some results! 

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