Friday, September 18, 2020

4 Tips to Help You Fly in Style

4 Tips to Help You Fly in Style

If you want to feel stylish when you travel, don't neglect your outfit when flying! I realize not many people are flying currently, but we can dream and plan once we have a vaccine right?! If your trip involves you being on a plane, then packing and planning for that flight will help you automatically look and feel better on the ground. The flight is often the most stressful part of any trip on the body. The air pressure change, temperature changes, the stress, the squeeze of getting your belongings on the seats, and now the additional safety precautions mean that flying can be incredibly difficult for many people. To improve your comfort, style, and health when flying, her are four top tips.

Plan Out Outfits, Rather Than Packing Randomly 

The best way to fly is light (oh hello room for souvenirs!). Overpacking clothes you may never wear on your trip is a waste of space and a waste of money if it means you have to check in your bag rather than take it with you to the cabin. 

By planning outfits that mix and match with the same pieces you can minimize the physical items you bring, while at the same time maximizing the options for what you wear. Ensure that your carry-on fits the current regulations for your flight, as they do change and can be different from one airline to another. Do that, and you’ll be more comfortable and stylish both at the airport and throughout your trip. I tend to pick a palette of colors for my outfits when traveling. This helps minimize the shoes that match my outfits and also helps ensure items will mix and match with each other. 


Drive to the Airport 

If you can, get a friend or family member to drive you directly to the airport. Taxis can be so much more expensive, and with sites such as you can easily reserve a spot for an hour to make it easy to get unloaded and checked in to the airport. 

Alternatively, work out the cost difference. If you live a long way from the nearest international airport then it is far more economical to long-stay park your car and enjoy the daily and weekly capped rates, rather than paying astronomically for an hour or longer taxi ride. You’ll be more comfortable, you’ll save money, and you don’t have to worry about potentially leaving your belongings in a stranger’s car. Removing stress from the equation is the best way to kick off any stylish trip, and that starts with your arrival at the airport. 

by Snow White from Pexels

Invest in Travel-Ready Accessories  

If you want to travel in style, you need to have the right travel accessories. Your purse or whatever you use to carry all your essentials should be very easy to go through. I also recommend having a purse that is over the shoulder when traveling and a bit on the larger side. I find when I travel, I store more things in my purse like tickets, hat/scarf, extra snacks, and more. Having a hands-free option with extra space is so nice. Your toiletries and anything else should be travel sized and ready to be put into their plastic limit bags. Just some of the accessories you can invest in include: 

  • Travel-sized toiletries 
  • Hat clips 
  • Cube packing for your carry-on 

Have Your Own Snacks and Drinks 

The on-flight food that is provided for passengers is mediocre at best. People eat it because they are hungry and have no other choice. To improve your comfort and feel like you’re in first class no matter where you are, bring your own food. You can buy it before you board, so just remember to bring a meal and some snacks, as well as plenty to drink to stave off the dehydration. You’ll feel better, enjoy your trip more, and kick off a wonderfully luxurious trip. 

What do you like to do in order to help you travel in style?

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