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Life Lately | August

Life Lately | August

So long birthday month! And so long last few days of summer! We are hoping to soak up a few more days at our local pool before school starts next Thursday so fingers crossed for decent weather. And speaking of weather, I feel as if I should apologize for the hurricane? How weird it made landfall almost on my birthday, too! I can't say I'm that sad summer is over. I think with all the Covid we are all eagerly anticipating each new season to get it all over with until there is a vaccine available and we can put most of it behind us. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy! 

Shows I've Watched

  • Young & Hungry- It's a lighthearted comedy about a young chef hired by a tech mogul who fall in love and so much comedy ensues. 
  • Unwell- This was fascinating! Each episode focuses on a relatively unproven wellness treatment. 

Products I've Been Using 

  • Custom Envy phone case- Custom Envy reached out to me to see if I wanted to review one of their phone cases. I got a new phone not too long ago and wanted a different case so I agreed. Their site was very easy to use and I customized my case quickly and easily. After having it a month it still looks brand new. It comes on and off easily, but is very durable. Considering how often I drop my phone, that is a very good thing! The colors are bright and came out exactly as pictured. It shipped really quickly, too! I chose a gingham pattern which I changed to pink and then added a pink and blue monogram (I love my monograms). Custom Envy carries many other customizable products like tumblers, blankets, and clocks. The tumblers are even dishwasher safe which is a wonderful feature to have! 

Recipes I've Tried
Life Lately | August

  • Chili Lime Tilapia with Mango Salsa- I absolutely loved these! It was so savory and flavorful! I added in avocado to the salsa. I can't wait to eat it in a salad for lunch tomorrow! 
  • Empanadas- These were a bit time consuming to make, but very good! I even used some of the smoked pork Matt had made to make them. 


  • Appreciating- I was overwhelmed with gratitude this past week when I received incredibly sweet and thoughtful gifts from so many wonderful blogger friends! I just love the blogging community and friends I've made! Thank you so much Andrea, Carrie, Kathrine, Caroline, and Jill
Life Lately | August
  • Anticipating- I'm anticipating lots of drama surrounding the upcoming election. This one will go down in the books no matter who you vote for! 
  • Collecting- I seem to continue to collect items for decorating my tiered tray! I just can't stop! There are adorable options everywhere! 
  • Starting- We are starting school with distance learning just next week. Claire's school is providing Chrome books to all students although she would have one anyway since she is starting second grade. Looking at their proposed schedule I am hopeful the curriculum will be robust and she will be challenged. I'm so thankful of my background in elementary schools, too!
  • Finishing- I think a better word would be 'trying' to finish. Who isn't trying to finish their To-Do list? I think with school starting I'm starting to get anxious about things and trying to get it DONE!
  • Family Update

Life Lately | August

    • Claire- My very soon-to-be 2nd grader! I have to hand it to this girl! She has been rolling with the changes like a champ! I see more and more maturity from her. Claire moved up in swim lessons at Goldfish this past month and has really been showing her skills! At Claire's insistence we went hiking at a local forest preserve. They had so much fun! Claire did an online Vacation Bible School through our church this month and really enjoyed herself. Now she's been listening to the cd nonstop. They were really catchy songs! Hopefully next year we can do it in-person. I missed the kids and the cumulative excitement of everyone! 
Life Lately | August
    • Aveline- Avie moved up in swim lessons, too! This means that she is no longer in the parent-child class with me and I get to SIT AND WATCH THEM! It's been years since I had that luxury. I loved being in the water with her, but being able to take photos and see Claire's progress now is so much fun! She loves to help with chores like taking the recycling out to the bin, setting the table, and trying to make dinner with me (I give her a butter knife and let her try and cut cucumbers or something). Still not interested in potty training, but she will sit and try for me sometimes. We will get there! She has been phasing out of using a stroller, too. We take a daily 1 mile walk and she will scooter around like a little speed demon! 
Life Lately | August
    • Matt- Matt has been been making amazing smoked meats for us all summer long! It's such a fun hobby for him and we all appreciate it! He did a smoked brisket that was from my uncle's farm and it was so delicious. Next up is some smoked salsa I think! 
    • Me- I've been slowly increasing my running mileage and am up to 4 1/2 miles 3 times a week. I'm almost back at my typical pace and it feels so good! Exercising is such a stress reliever for me! Hopefully all this rehab and PT will help prevent further injuries! I finally got new highlights and a haircut and was able to get a mani/pedi for my birthday, too. It was heavenly! 
Life Lately | August

August Goals Recap
Life Lately | August
  1. Weed the yard- Done. Although there are a few areas I could get again. Thankfully the weeds are sparse. I'm just waiting for cooler days!
  2. Eat at a restaurant- Done! Twice! We went out for a date at Crusade Burger in Yorkville (yummy burgers and shakes) and at Hugo's Frog Bar in downtown Naperville.
  3. Eat fruit as part of my lunch everyday- I am happy to say I did at least 25 days of the month. The other days were when we didn't have fresh fruit because I haven't been shopping as frequently.
  4. Do something special for Matt's and my birthday. Double done! We got a gorgeous geode cake and ordered take-out for our birthday after going out for a birthday afternoon and night date a few days prior. Considering Covid, I think we did pretty well! 

Life Lately | August

September Goals
  1. Do 5 more CEUs- Almost there and then I'm done for 2 years!
  2. Freeze my rhubarb- For a plant that is only 1 year old, my rhubarb is huge! I really need to freeze it so I can have it on hand for breads, pies, coffee cakes, and sauce this winter!
  3. Sign the girls up for soccer or dance- Now that Avie is almost 3, there are local things she can the same place and time as Claire! It's amazing! They need this activity and I definitely need to sign them up!
  4. Get 2 new trees- Of the 4 trees we planted this summer, 2 died so we need to get new ones. This time from a reputable local nursery with a guarantee! I'm never using Nature Hills Nursery again!
  5. Get our new chandelier installed- The chandelier I have been wanting for 2 years went on sale at Overstock so I bought it for our entryway and 2 coordinating sconces. Matt can install the sconces, but the chandelier probably needs scaffolding-or a brave soul. It's going to look fantastic!!

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