Thursday, August 6, 2020

Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wish List

It's August! I can't quite believe that we made it to the last month of the summer. At least this month I can truly be excited about because it is my birthday month! Hurray! Thankfully I don't go all out for my birthday, so my celebration won't be changed due to crazy Covid, but of course I enjoy spending time with my family. I had some fun putting together a little wish list for my upcoming birthday. I've noticed over the years I typically have smaller gifts on my list as opposed to expensive, extravagant ones. Are you ones of those that love fewer big presents or more of the smaller ones?

  1. Leopard sleeved off the shoulder sweater- So cute! 
  2. Chalkboard markers- I have a mini chalkboard I'd love to use these on for my tiered tray!
  3. Herb saver pod- Do your herbs go bad as quickly as mine do?
  4.  Wooden frame for kids' artwork- How great is this for showcasing your child's artwork?!
  5. Blue water fountain- Ours recently broke and I'd love to replace it with this one. It would match our potted plants perfectly. 
  6. Leopard pajamas- I know I just got a ton of pajamas from Soma, but these are so cute!
  7. Aromatherapy diffuser- I use my diffuser so much, but this one is much prettier!
  8. Mocha tunic sweater- I've wanted this forever!
  9. Lipstick Queen- The perfect subtle shade of pink. Claire and I call it our frog lipstick.
  10. Shower steamers- I don't take baths, but these would make a shower seem so luxurious! 
  11. Mini notebooks- I love writing things down to help me stay organized. These are adorable!
  12. Macarons- I will use any excuse to eat macarons!
  13. Glitter tumbler- This is stunning! 
  14. Dashing Diva gel nail strips- I love these and use them constantly! They work so well for me. 

Which things caught your eye?

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