Wednesday, August 5, 2020

10 Recipes You Can Make With Smoked Pork or Beef

10 Recipes You Can Make With Smoked Pork or Beef

I remember years ago encouraging my husband to find a hobby. After being so involved in sports in high school and college, he didn't really have much to do with his free time after graduation. A few years ago he purchased a secondhand MasterBuilt electric smoker from a co-worker. At first I wasn't sure if he would do much with it, but it has been one of his best purchases! He upgraded this past year to a larger model when his first one shorted out, but often on the weekends he will ask if he can smoke meat. Oh? You'd like to smoke meat so I don't need to cook dinner? Sure, fine by me! He has learned so much over the years. He's done smoked cheeses, he smokes our Thanksgiving turkey, made jerkey, candied bacon, and so much more! Most commonly, he will make chicken, pork, or beef. The only downside (and seriously one and only downside because I am in full support of this hobby and appreciate it! What other hobby means I don't need to worry about dinner?!) is that it makes a lot! It's lovely for holidays and get togethers, but for just our family we have lots of leftovers. I've become creative in ways to use them up. So if you have a spouse that likes to smoke meat, here are some great ideas so you aren't left with pulled pork sandwiches for the next 2 weeks!

1. Enchiladas- Add some sauce and cheese to about a pound of meat and make enchiladas! So good!

2. Chili- I love using smoked pork in my chili. I've made both our family's favorite chili and this chili mac with smoked pork and they were both very good!

Recipes You Can Make With Smoked Pork or Beef

3. BBQ pizza- If you want a quick meal, use a loaf of Italian or French bread (I always keep some in the freezer for french toast, pizza, or paninis), add BBQ sauce and top with smoked pork, red onions, and cheese.

4. Tacos or taco salad- Want an extra-flavorful taco salad or to look like you have upped your taco game? Use shredded smoked pork or beef as taco meat! Just added a packet of seasoning, the required water and cook up with onions!

5. Burrito or burrito bowl- Think Chipotle! Mix in some salsa fresca, corn, rice, beans, and guac together in a burrito, or ditch some carbs and eat in bowl style.

Recipes You Can Make With Smoked Pork or Beef

6. Empanadas- I recently to made these for the first time and the family loved it! I love empanadas anyway and the smoked pork we had was delicious in it!

Recipes You Can Make With Smoked Pork or Beef

7. Baked potato- Top your baked potato with some smoked meat as a part of a baked potato bar for dinner or a hearty side. Yum!

8. Sheppard's Pie- In place of ground beef for Shepard's pie, try smoked pork or beef! The smoky flavor will add another dimension to the recipe.
Recipes You Can Make With Smoked Pork or Beef
9. Nachos- If you only have a small amount of meat left, nachos are the perfect solution! You can add virtually any other toppings you want and either bake or microwave them to finish them off.

10. Casserole- Finding a recipe you can use pork or beef in a casserole can make an easy and quick dinner.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to switch it up a bit with your smoked meat leftovers! 

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