Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Keep Your Home Running Smoothly This Summer

Keep Your Home Running Smoothly This Summer

Keeping your home running smoothly isn’t the most straightforward job in the world. I mean does your home ever actually run smoothly?! I feel as if some days I am constantly putting out figurative fires all day long! So needless to say, it can be a chaotic place, especially if you have kids and/or pets. And it can be challenging to keep everything ticking over as it should. 

Keep Your Home Running Smoothly This Summer

You can, however, make things more manageable, as long as you have a plan for things that may arise. Usually, households experience just a handful of issues that wind up taking all of your time. Here are some ideas of things you can do to keep your home running smoothly this summer. 

Plan Your Dinners Ahead Of Time

As we get into the summer, our menus start to change. We often want lighter, fresher food, because of the warm weather. Planning your dinners ahead of time lets you make the most of each meal, instead of rushing around like a headless chicken, wondering about what you can eat. I plan out my meals and it has taken so much stress off my plate. I know I have the ingredients because I make my shopping list based on my menu and I try to choose dinners based on how busy our schedule is. If you make frozen meals in advance, take them out in the early afternoon so that they can defrost. Even setting reminders in your phone to do this can help you stay on schedule and organized! 

Turn Making Your Bed Into A Habit

 Keep Your Home Running Smoothly This Summer

You can instantly transform the appearance of your bedroom by making your bed. It takes less than a minute, and it sets you up for the rest of the day. It is literally the first thing I do in the morning. People who get into the habit of making their bed in the morning are more productive at work and get to their goals faster. And if nothing else, at least you've done something for the day! Haha!

Clear All Your Surfaces

Kitchen surfaces can soon become cluttered with random stuff you don’t need. Plus, the more that you have out, the more you’re tempted to add to it. Ideally, put everything away that you can. Keep all your pots and pants and cutting boards in drawers and cabinets. And place dirty items in the dishwasher as soon as they need cleaning. Don’t just leave them out on the counter. I try to keep my counters as uncluttered and clean as possible. It leaves plenty of room for cooking when the time comes. And then I don't need to waste time clearing a space before I get to work making dinner!

Keep Your Appliances In Shape

Appliances are definitely helpful in saving time and keeping everything going smoothly, but they often be a source of frustration. The light in the oven, for instance, can fail, meaning it is harder to check the doneness of your food. Or the fridge defroster stops working, and you wind up with clumps of ice everywhere. Sometimes, the heating parts of a dryer can fail, requiring you to repair them. The best way to do this is just to order the parts you need online and then have them installed. This way, you can avoid replacing the entire unit which is never a good thing. When things like these happen, you need to solve the problem fast, before it turns into a larger issue.

Keep Your Home Running Smoothly This Summer

Create A Cleaning Plan

Cleaning plans don’t need to be complicated. Most people start at the top of their home and make their way to the bottom since dust and grime fall down during cleaning. My mom always taught me to do dusting and wiping down surfaces first and then floors last. Kitchens should also probably be the last room you clean since they are walked through and used most often. Spending about 15 minutes each night picking up and doing light cleaning can save you so much time during your weekly cleaning! The more you can make it a routine, the more efficient the task becomes. 

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