Friday, June 19, 2020

Why Not Treat Your Hubby to a Custom Suit This Father's Day?

 tips on buying a custom suit, custom suit for men,
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Hopefully you haven't put off getting some gifts for your husband or your father for Father's Day this Sunday. But if it slipped your mind, you can always give them the gift of a custom suit! Nothing to wrap and you can make a date to get him fitted when you have the time. After all, fashion isn’t just for us ladies; sometimes we have to let men in on the fun. And what better way to get your man looking sharp than by helping him choose a custom-tailored suit? A custom suit makes a world of difference in fit and style, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to introduce your hubby to how clothes should fit their body and which cuts flatter them the most.

Every man deserves to feel great in his clothes. And while I'm sure he values your opinion, even the most fabulous fashionista might be unfamiliar with the surprisingly complex world of suit tailoring. Fortunately, you can educate yourself with these tips today and look way better than the smartest car accident lawyers in town. Haha! 

Get those measurements

A custom suit is useless if it doesn’t fit the body right. The last thing you want to do is embarrass your better half by decking him out in an ill-fitting suit. If you’re handy with a measuring tape, you can take his measurements at home. However, if you’re not so confident in your measuring skills and want to make sure it’s done right, find a local tailor who can help you out.

tips on buying a custom suit, custom suit for men,

Get fit

A critical question of fit is so important when suit shopping: which style of suit do you want to choose? The style of a suit is also known as its fit. There are four types: classic, tailored, slim, and skinny. Classic fits are the most relaxed, and therefore the most versatile of the bunch; if your man is a mostly no-frills kind of guy, you can’t go wrong with a classic fit. Slim and skinny fits are trendier and typically look better on thinner bodies. Tailored fits are a modern approach to traditional cuts, with trimmer shoulders, higher armholes, and lower waistbands.

tips on buying a custom suit, custom suit for men,

Start with the basics

It might be tempting to let your fashion imagination take over when choosing the details for your partner’s new custom suit, especially if you’re a slave to trends. However, we’d like to suggest that you start simple and add flourishes from there. For example, you can choose a classic fit with an understated yet eclectic fabric pattern; this mix adds a touch of personal style to a timeless fit, and therefore, strikes a delicate balance. If you have something specific in mind, though, it doesn’t hurt to bring photo references to tailor with you so you can better explain what you want.

Choosing all the details for a custom suit isn’t nearly as overwhelming as it might seem. When in doubt, opt for a basic fit and fabric with smaller, more unique touches to play up your hubby’s style. He’ll think of you and thank you for years to come every time he wears his custom-tailored suit! 

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