Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Spring Bucket List Update

It's been a while since I did my Spring Bucket List and since it is officially summer now, I need to recap my spring goals. 

1. Complete an in person or virtual 5K with Claire.- Completed! Claire and I did a baby Yoda run. I know she loved it and was really proud of herself. I'm currently in PT for my hip, but when I can run again I'd love to do another with her!

2. Have Claire make a dish for Easter. Completed! Claire made Dreamsicle Salad and it was delicious! She even made it again for Father's Day. 
3. Make homemade ice cream. Completed! We've made several flavors including lemon, oreo, and sherbet. 
4. Cook dinner and dessert on our fire table. Completed. The girls had fun cooking hot dogs and s'mores over our fire table for dinner. 

5. Plant a tree. Done! We actually planted 4. We had to cut 3 down in the backyard so we got replacements for those and planted another in our front yard. Grow babies, grow! 
6. Try out a new playground. Still closed so this is on hold. 
7. Go strawberry picking. Yes! And I made 3 batches of jam!

8. Make a new spring wreath. Done! I made one for the 4th of July, too. 
9. Get a pedicure. In progress- they weren't open, but I have one scheduled for 7/4. 
10. Date night at home. Done! And we tried a new local restaurant. So yummy! We liked it so much we did it again. They had really interesting burgers and the first time I had one with candied bacon and peanut butter and the second time I had one with Belgian waffles and candied bacon. Both were SO good!

It was a fun spring for us and hopefully we can make it a fun summer, too! 

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  1. This is such a fabulous bucket list and loved every single image here. Awesome