Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Ultimate List of Tiered Tray Themes & Items!

The Ultimate List of Tiered Tray Themes & Items!
I received my tiered tray about a year and a half ago for Christmas. It took me a few months to get it set up, but it has been a fixture on my kitchen island ever since. It is so fun hunting for items and dreaming up new themes to decorate it for! I have bins in my butler's pantry organized by theme now so my little hobby has quickly grown. If you just got a tiered tray and are looking to decorate it this summer, I put together the ultimate list of themes and scoured etsy and amazon for fun items to use! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed putting it together. If I forgot a theme you'd like me to include, let me know and I can add it in!




Bee & Honey



Farm Fresh

Coffee Bar

Ice Cream

Year-round Tiered Tray Fillers

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