Sunday, May 24, 2020

3 Unmissable Online Shopping Opportunities in Quarantine

3 Unmissable Online Shopping Opportunities in Quarantine

We are all missing our normal lives, wishing we could be going about our routines as usual. Wouldn't we all love a shopping trip right now? It has been a crazy time, and we’ve all had to make sacrifices, big and small. Think about those luxuries we all took for granted, like brunches with the girls or heading out for a drink or two on the weekend, are gone - for now. It seems like forever, but soon, we’ll be back to normal, and appreciating our lives so much more than before, too!

So have you been getting a little stir crazy lately? Between home-schooling the kids, keeping everything clean, and staying sane indoors, it feels like we’re living in a bit of a crazy world right now. Celebrating national events like Memorial Day, or more personal occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, in quarantine, makes the absence of family and friends especially apparent. And now the weather is nice and warm, it makes you want to get together and celebrate even more! The saving grace of our upside-down lives at the moment is continuing to give these milestones the attention they deserve. That means getting out of your quarantine sweats and dressing up- even if it is only for yourself!

With that in mind, there is one luxury we haven’t had to give up: the online world. And thank goodness for that! The internet has been my saving grace many a time over the past few months! . You might not be able to go to the store and try on new clothes or test out new makeup, but there are ways around this! Here are some online gems you don't want to miss! 

3 Unmissable Online Shopping Opportunities in Quarantine

Influencers are your friend

Blogger and influencers can be your friend when it comes to buying online. Your favorite brands are likely to have sent their newest items to influencers for a review, meaning you get an exclusive experience of the product before you buy. The awesome Nordstrom #NSale which is happening soon has been reviewed all over town - and if you want some of the action but aren’t sure what to go for, influencers are there to give you answers. Why spend your money without making sure your purchase will be worthwhile?

Plus, they aren’t forced to give positive reviews; they’re honest, sometimes brutally so. Your dream makeup, hair, or fashion product which you’ve been just dying to buy might not have impressed the influencers who’ve tried it! When you can’t try it for yourself, let somebody else; it could save you money, and of course, rescue you from disappointment. Browsing Youtube and Instagram will give you great product reviews, no matter what you’re shopping for. Even as a blogger myself, I've relied on other bloggers and influencers to help me decide if a product or clothing item could work for me, especially for skincare and makeup items!

Securing the best deals

Sometimes when you’re shopping in the mall, you aren’t aware of the online deals or coupons that could save you loads! That’s the beauty of online: you can window shop for hours, measuring up the best sales and discounts, without leaving your couch. Plus, if you’re stuck at home, what else is there to do for fun? Using that spare time you’ve got in quarantine - if you’re lucky enough to have it - to find deals is super satisfying. Whether you’re buying small essentials or making huge purchases like furniture, you’re going to want the best value for money. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s not just your essential shopping, either; beauty and fashion companies are really going all out when it comes to online deals! And don't forget, many online stores partner with cash back websites to help you get cash back on online purchases. This can help you save in the long run, too.

Treating yourself has never been more important - the news is pretty scary, and everyone’s gone through a huge period of unsettlement. Do not feel guilty about spending some money on yourself every now and then. You deserve it! Finding that perfect dress or a soothing face mask is such a great feeling; don’t deny yourself that little piece of joy or relaxation.

The bigger picture

Some people are taking this quarantine one step further and using it to make some serious changes. Leaning into this time at home, home improvement is on the rise among people who’ve been waiting for the right time to make a big change to their space. Although online shopping for furniture can seem daunting, it’s the only option right now. And, well, what’s to lose? As long as you shop with a provider who has a good returns policy, you’re not signing your soul away by purchasing a larger product online. That was something that I researched before ordering things for our living room. In fact I ended up returning the first set of curtains I purchased because they were all wrong for the space and too bland. Thankfully I had free returns and was able to use my store credit for pillow covers. 
3 Unmissable Online Shopping Opportunities in Quarantine

Rearranging your space has some amazing benefits, and they aren’t just aesthetic. Improving your home leads to a greater sense of peace, happiness, and satisfaction. Coming home to a place you really enjoy being in is incredible for a person’s mental health. Whether it’s totally gutting the whole place and starting from scratch, or simply switching up the layout of your home, it’s all a great way to refresh yourself and feel a little better. Plus, you can literally get anything online - need some new houseplants? New sheets? A fluffy cushion with a kitten’s face on it? You can guarantee you’ll find it online. Supporting independent businesses is also a great thing to do at this time, so shop around to see which small businesses are providing the goods you need.

Wondering where you can even begin to envision a new look for your home? Using online mood boards is a great way to start. There are people who absolutely live for this stuff, and they use online mood board tools to create their ideas. Pinterest is always helpful to me when I'm trying to design a space in our home. And using online resources to design is more time-efficient, too.

Using online platforms to help you through this time is both time-efficient and fun. Treating yourself and your family to some refreshing products is an awesome way to make use of this time inside. Out with the old and in with the new!

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