Friday, April 17, 2020

Did You Get a Push Present?

push present gift guide

We know that bringing a human being into the world is tough work. I mean being pregnant for 40 weeks, morning sickness, water retention, going to the bathroom so much more often, and then giving birth! Not to mention those that have the added stress of fertility treatments to get to that point. And the hard work really begins after your little one is born with nighttime feedings, nursing, all those diapers, and more! So, after giving birth to a beautiful baby, our partner should gift us with something super luxe... because after all, we deserve it! 

To help you put together a push gift guide to give to your partner, here are a few asks to consider. 

A home-spa day
You don’t have to leave your house to indulge in certain spa luxuries. You can have the ultimate spa day at home that may even be more comfortable than going to a spa elsewhere, especially if you aren't quite up to leaving the house yet. 

To set up your home spa (well, for your hubby to set up your home spa): clean the house, light some candles and/or diffuse lavender/calming essential oils throughout your space, dim the lights, set out a fluffy robe, add fresh flowers in the spaces you’ll be using, set out Epsom salt and self care ingredients of choice for a soothing bath, and have a space for a proper massage. Let your partner know what treatments you enjoy, and set yourself up for some ultimate relaxation!  

Bonus: this doesn’t cost a lot of money and is a bonding experience, as well! Include your partner or just have them set it up for you… it is up to you! 
push present gift guide

A beautiful watch
A beautiful watch is a way you can celebrate the birth of your new baby, made particularly special with a dedicated idea. You can find gorgeous options from Italy at a watch shop such as Pisa Orologeria, and look through their online catalogue for some inspiration! 

Diamond earrings
A pair of diamond earrings is a popular gift that commemorates the mark of something really special (such as the birth of your child!) With so many designs and sizes out there, do your research beforehand and subtly (or not so subtly) make sure your partner knows your taste in jewelry. Diamond studs are always a classic choice and actually one of the things I received after the birth of my second daughter! I wear them almost everyday. 

push present gift guide

A gift card to your favorite store to find post-pregnancy clothes
Bringing a beautiful human into the world ultimately changes our bodies, and that means that oupost-pregnancy wardrobe may very well need an update. To replace the pieces that you know you love or to treat yourself to something new, ask for a gift card to your favorite store so you aren’t pressured into any particular size or cut as you figure out your gorgeous post-pregnancy body. 

push present gift guide

A weekend trip coupon to use whenever you want 
After giving birth, life inevitably changes as you dedicate time, love and energy to your new family member. A weekend trip coupon is a great gift as it enables you to use it whenever makes sense for your family, sets you and your partner up for a weekend to reconnect, and gives you something that isn’t 100% baby-focused to look forward to. 

push present gift guide

All of these things would be a nice surprise… now just make sure your hubby saves this for when the time comes! 

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