Monday, March 30, 2020

Life Lately | March

Whew! What a month! I don't quite know where to begin. And now even though school is scheduled to be back in session 4/8 I doubt the kids will be back before May. And if it isn't safe for them, I'm fine with that. The numbers of people with COVID-19 are skyrocketing and it's scary. I really hope you are all staying safe and social distancing! Here is what I've been up to for this month.

Books I've Read

  • The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock by Jane Riley - Oliver Clock is in his late 30s, single, working in his family's funeral parlor, and a bit neurotic. He lets his mother control his life and many things at the funeral parlor. He has so many issues making decisions and taking action in his life he lets the love of his life get away and marry someone else. When a tragedy causes her to pass away, he feels completely empty inside. He finally resolves to make some life changes. Overall it was a cute book even if Oliver isn't exactly likable because of his complete indecisiveness. It was a quick read and kind of like a chick lit, but from the other perspective. 3/5

Recipes I've Tried
Chicken Zucchini Casserole | Chocolate Chip PB Fudge | PB Baklava

    • Slow Cooker Mexicali Chicken - This was so tasty! I used a similar recipe from one of my cookbooks. Next time I make it I just need to tone down the spice a bit more. 
    • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fudge - I made this twice we liked it so much! I would recommend adding extra flour, about 1/4-1/2 c. more and maybe some powdered sugar if needed because otherwise it is too sticky. 
    • Amish Peanut Butter Cream Pie - Another great dessert! It was super easy to make, too. I'm hoping to make this for Easter, but plan to use a graham cracker crust instead.
    • Chicken Zucchini Casserole - This was another quick meal. I had to substitute some vegetables in place of the yellow squash. I loved the flavor of the pesto. I'd say it wasn't memorable, just okay.
    • Chicken Olivia - My husband really liked this meal and girls ate it pretty well, too. I ended up cooking the chicken in a slow cooker and shredding it for the casserole. 
    • Peanut Butter Baklava - I had leftover phyllo dough that I was able to use to make this and the whole family were big fans. I never realized how easy it was to make baklava.
    Products I'm Using 

    • Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream- I was sent this to try through Brandbacker. I have tried quite a few of Peter Thomas Roth products and think they are really quality products. I've found them to be effective and easy to use. This particular cream is a concentrated 30% hyaluronic acid cream that provides up to 72 hours of hydration after cleansing! The ceramides it contains help to lock in moisture and helps to improve hydration for healthier looking skin. The elderberry contains antioxidants that help prevent aging. The result is a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful complexion. After using this for 3 weeks, I found it works best for my skin at night. I'd wake up with a more refreshed complexion. It glides on easily and absorbs quickly. Overall, I really like this product, particularly if you have dry to very dry skin. 

    • Tatcha Liquid Silk Canvas Protective Primer- I received this to try through Influenster a few weeks ago. I was so excited when it arrived because I've tried a few drugstore primers claiming to minimize pores and haven't had any luck. They've all ended up in the trash. I have been hesitant to try a more expensive product because I don't want to waste my money. This primer claims to be good for all skin types and helps with pores, redness, dullness, and uneven texture. It also helps protect your skin against pollutants. After using it underneath makeup for a few weeks, I would agree. My pores definitely look minimized and I'm very happy with it. It goes on easily and has not irritated my skin in anyway. I am not sure I can say it helped my makeup stay on any longer though. 
    • Sharing- I am trying NOT to share any germs! I hope we are all social distancing! Right now I'm trying to share my love of running with my kids. We have been doing laps around our neighborhoods. Aveline loves the jogging stroller and puts on her 'running coat' which is just her regular jacket. It cracks me up! 
    • Writing- Currently as a semi-home-school-teacher, I'm just trying to get Claire to write her journal each day! She is an amazing reader, but isn't that interested in writing, particularly on expanding her writing past a sentence or two. We've been working through it, and she's been getting better though. 
    • Wishing- I would say less wishing and more praying for everyone right now. The COVID-19 virus is scary with how contagious it is and how quickly it can go from bad to worse in some people. I'm wishing for treatment, a vaccine, and that it is controlled quickly! 
    • Investigating - I've been really looking back onto my pinterest boards for educational activities and crafts for my children to do. It's fun to scroll through and use the supplies we have around the house. If you have kids, I put together some great resources we've been using on this post!
    • Buying - I've realized my loungewear is woefully inadequate. So I've been doing some window shopping for new joggers and a new top or two. I haven't purchased anything yet though so we shall see! 
    • Family Updates 
      • Claire- She is doing pretty well with 'home schooling' and loves Zoom meetings with her class. She has been doing really well with running with me a few times a week and loves her art time at home!
      • Aveline- Avie is missing her preschool and keeps talking about some of her classmates. She does love having her sissy home and playing with her though. 
      • Matt- While Matt loves not traveling for a while, I think it is hard for him to be doing all work completely from a home office. It seems like sometimes there is extra time involved when you aren't face to face and have other resources at your disposal. But he is taking it all in stride and so grateful he has the ability to work from home.
      • Me- I'm trying to maintain my running as much as possible with the kids and on weekends. I got a spin bike and have done a couple of workouts from home, too. It can be a bit exhausting some days, but I am trying to get in some 'me' time with fun crafts and reading! 

    March Goals Recap
    1. Practice running with supplements- You guys, I tried. I really did. I did 3 longer runs with Gu and I honestly think it's not for me. I didn't feel any extra energy, in fact it was the opposite. I was dragging by the end of my run. I'm going to try some gummies next to see if that is better. 
    2. Find a new running route- I did try out a new route. I thought it would be closer to 8 miles, but it was just over 10! Haha! Extra cookie for me at the end!
    3. Wear false lashes- I tried! I think I want to try a different brand because I was not successful. Now I just need to wait until I can go to the store and buy them! 
    4. Complete 5 more CEUs- Done! I managed to get through 7.
    5. Get started with carpet replacement- It's scheduled and I'm SO excited! 
    April Goals
    1. Register for virtual 5K- I was registered for two 1/2 marathons and an 8K. All were postponed or cancelled. Since the gym is closed for now, I've taken the opportunity to start running with Claire. That girl has motivation and drive! She pushes herself with the distance and after 2 weeks can run 2 miles without stopping. I want to do a 5K with her and virtually it is totally safe!
    2. Plan an at-home date night- I don't think we will be able to go out for a date night this month due to the circumstances. But we can take the opportunity to try take-out from a new restaurant and watch a movie we haven't seen yet! 
    3. Clean out the girls' closets - I need to clean out their closets and get them organized for spring and summer.
    4. Organize things for Goodwill - I have a pile of clothing I need to sort through and get bagged for Goodwill...whenever I can take them in a month or so.
    5. Look into Tailwind - It's impossible to doing everything to socially promote posts. I'd like to look into Tailwind and see how it words and if it would be beneficial for me to pay for that service.
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