Wednesday, March 11, 2020

In a Rut? 4 Tips to Add Some Spice to Your Life!

In a Rut? 4 Tips to Add Some Spice to Your Life!

There are often times where we feel a little unmotivated and down about something. A case of the doldrums perhaps? It’s completely fine and normal to experience every once in a while. We’ll have ups, and we’ll have downs – that’s the way things go.

Sometimes, however, people can get stuck in the negativity, the boredom, and, eventually, a prolonged rut. And it can really take the zest out of your life. We only get a limited amount of years on this planet, so we should probably make each one count. If you’re currently going through a pretty ho-hum time and could do with a little boost, here are a few things you can do to spice up your life! 

Join Or Gym (Or Just Exercise More!)

In a Rut? 4 Tips to Add Some Spice to Your Life!

If you’re currently into your fitness, and you enjoy it quite a lot, then you’ll know all about what it can do for your body and mind in many ways. Hello serotonin boost! As Elle says in Legally Blonde, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happyHappy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't." So if you’re not quite as active as you’d like to be, then perhaps you should consider getting up and raising that heart rate a little! It might sound a little difficult at first both making time for it and the process of getting into shape, but once you get started with a twice a week, short workout and get moving, things get a little easier to do. When you’re active and you’re exercising, you become more motivated in terms of pretty much every other aspect of your life. Action breeds motivation – not the other way around. You’ll also feel as though you have an extra spring in your step when it comes to all other aspects. I know I always feel as if I have more energy the days I workout as opposed to the days I don't.

Do Things With Friends More Often

In a Rut? 4 Tips to Add Some Spice to Your Life!

Being around the people you love makes you a lot more motivated to get the most out of life. When you’re isolated or around people who bring your mood down all the time, it can make you question the entire point of getting up and doing the things you do. We’re social creatures that like to be around the right individuals. Make sure you make plans with your friends and family – enjoy the time you have together with them.

Think About A Change Of Career

In a Rut? 4 Tips to Add Some Spice to Your Life!

Of course, simply stopping everything in terms of your occupation and hastily doing a full U-turn isn’t the most productive thing in the world – I mean, it might work out, but usually, things like this need a little time and consideration. A lot of people, when they feel they need to add a little something extra or new into their lives, realize their job is a big reason as to why a change is needed. You spend an awfully large chunk of your life working, so shaking that up would, in turn, shake up your life.

You don’t have to commit to anything, of course, as we’re simply talking about the initial stages of looking at what’s available. You can even look at open positions within your workplace. There are thousands of different jobs around, so there will definitely be something that piques your interest. There’s no harm in looking around online for new education programs, finding an open position as a psychiatrist, or checking out what internships are available in certain offices. The world is quite literally your oyster. 

Be Spontaneous!

Do things that are completely out of the blue. This doesn’t mean that you should do anything crazy, but the brain absolutely loves variety. When it’s shown new things, it becomes invigorated – when that happens, you feel an entirely new sense of purpose and the motivation you gain is unparalleled. 

Good luck adding some spice to your life with these tips! 

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