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Why Swimming Lessons Are So Important

Why Swimming Lessons Are So Important
As a child I was lucky to grow up on an army base that always had a community pool. We would go there frequently throughout the summers and had so much fun splashing around, playing Marco Polo, doing underwater summersaults, and practicing our jumps. My mom also enrolled my brother and me in swimming lessons during the summers. She knew that learning to swim was both fun and important. In our previous home, we didn't have access to a community pool or places to practice swimming with our kids, but we did enroll them in various swim lessons at indoor pools throughout the years. They were nice lessons, my kids enjoyed them, and it got them acquainted with and comfortable in the water. But I was still concerned about my oldest daughter's swimming skills.

Why Swimming Lessons Are So Important

Last summer we joined a local pool. I felt so bad that Claire wasn't nearly as strong of a swimmer as her friends who had been going there for years. I didn't feel comfortable with her going down the water slide they have at the pool without an adult at the bottom to help her to the edge. I knew we needed to focus on her skills more. She needed to be a stronger swimmer and safer in the water. I wanted our youngest daughter to be able to swim at a younger age, too. So since early December the girls have been attending lessons at the nearest Goldfish Swim School.

Why Swimming Lessons Are So Important

Compared to our previous swimming lesson experiences, Goldfish is a clear cut above for many reasons.

  • It is designed specifically to be a swim school which means a wide variety of lesson times and days. That means if you have more than one child, you can often enroll them in a class at the same time! 
  • Kids can level up at any time based on their ability not at the end of a time period. 
  • You can begin in lessons at any time during the year. 
  • Lessons are each week and enrollment is a per month fee. Lessons are continual, so your child is always progressing. 
  • There are many locations. The one we attend is only 10 minutes away! 
  • The water temperature and air temperature is always warm. No getting used to the water! 
  • The pool has ledges on the edges for sitting during swim lessons.
  • There are SO many different types of swimming equipment they are able to use for swimming lessons. 
  • Songs, toys, and a variety activities are used during a 30 minute lesson with the very young children to help keep their attention. 
  • They have a large, enclosed waiting area away from the pool with lots of chairs and even snacks to purchase. 
  • There are many unisex changing rooms with lots of space before or after swim lessons. They also have hair dryers and mirrors available to use. 
  • If you have a child waiting, there are fish to look at, a chalkboard wall, toys, books, and more!
  • Each week, there is a little treat for the kids like a toy duck, bag tag, or stickers. 
  • Goldfish even hosts lots of different fun special events throughout the year for your family to attend. 
  • Groups are kept small. Children have lots of opportunity to practice their skills with the teacher and learn from peers. 
Since December, I've seen the progress with Claire especially. We went to a nearby indoor water park this month and she passed the swim test to go down the big slides. I don't think she would have been able to do that a few months ago. She was excited to tell her swim teacher! Aveline is learning a lot of skills. I clearly see how the skills are taught to help young children swim to the side of the pool and get out. We practice dipping them underwater, turning them to the edge, and having them climb out. We also work on kicking and 'pulling' the water. Aveline has no fear of the water and LOVES swimming so I'm really happy she is learning some water safety skills in addition to beginning swimming skills. If you are looking for a place to enroll your child in swim lessons, I highly recommend Goldfish Swim School!
Why Swimming Lessons Are So Important

Thank you to Goldfish Swim School for providing my daughters lessons in exchange for this post. 

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