Monday, February 24, 2020

Are You Debating Going Organic?

Are You Debating Going Organic?

Organic food is becoming more and more popular as its availability in stores and restaurants has increased. Many people understand the benefits of going organic knowing it is more 'clean' meaning no pesticides and is not genetically modified, but it can be overwhelming when thinking about moving to a completely organic lifestyle. You may ask yourself, “What does it even mean to live an organic lifestyle?” Many people pair the word “organic” with food, and while this is true, it isn’t the only aspect of your life that you can dedicate to organic living. Organic certification extends to cosmetics, household products, towels, bedding, and other furniture. It is easy to live organically nowadays. But if that is your desire, where do you even start? And how far do you want to go with it?

Why go organic?
Living an organic lifestyle means changing the way we live so that it benefits our health but also the health of the planet. Organic products are typically better for the environment, and so when we make better choices for our health, we are also choosing what is best for Mother Nature.

Are You Debating Going Organic?
Start small
It may be tempting to go all out but start small and make little changes to your lifestyle. This is so that it doesn’t become too much of a shock to you, especially as organic is usually more expensive.
There are more pressing things to swap out when it comes to making changes. For instance, getting rid of toxic cleaning products is important for your health and the planet, so start there. If you want to do this, look for alternatives that are without phosphates and phthalates. You should also consider natural disinfectants and cleaners with lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar. They are so easy to make at home and often more economical, too. I add essential oils to make them more effective and smell better. 
What’s more, do not make waste by throwing out products that haven’t been finished. Replace any cosmetic that you finish with one that is non-toxic. You may have to do research when finding the best one for the job. That way you aren't incurring the cost all at once. 

Are You Debating Going Organic?
Go bigger, slowly
Once you’ve started with the smaller things,  you may decide it is time to move onto larger changes such as visiting the farmer’s markets, shopping seasonally and growing your own produce. This can be a massive change as you will need to head to the markets, buy what is in season and learn to cook seasonal dishes.
Other changes could include swapping out your clothing for organic counterparts. Make sure you are buying clothing that promotes itself as being organic – there are many organic cotton clothing options, and if you head online, ethical shops are easily accessible. 
When it comes to your home, you can make simple changes like swapping out your old mattress for one that is made from organic materials. Not only do the ones from Birch Living promote organic living, but a new mattress to improve your sleep is great for your wellbeing, too. 

Are You Debating Going Organic?
Set realistic goals
Some changes may be impossible because it is too costly. For instance, you may not be able to buy a new, more fuel-efficient vehicle. You can, however, take public transport more often. Or make sure to go the most efficient route when running errands to minimize emissions. You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if certain changes are not feasible right now, just be mindful of the many ways you can go about them. 
Sit down and see what you can do. Make a list of what you use, conduct your research, and then write down alternatives. The next time you are out, pick some of these alternatives up and check-off the changes you have made.
By doing this, you can see the changes you are making, stopping yourself from feeling guilty about not being able to do everything. Sometimes it's just not feasible to do everything. I've made changes with the 'dirty dozen' when pregnant and when my children were very small, but I'll be honest, we aren't strict with it in our house. But every little bit is beneficial and helpful for the environment!

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