Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Life Lately | January

January always seems like the longest month of the year. It's so dark and grey and the let down from Christmas is in full force. I'll be glad to see January end! 
Books I've Read
The Words Between Us by Erin Bartels- Robin has been living the majority of her life in secrecy. After her father was convicted of a crime, Robin does as much as she can to distance herself from her family. She lets books become her friends and sets up a bookstore in River City, Michigan. But then her past is revealed when her father's execution day arrives. She begins to revisit that time in her life and new things are revealed. Overall it was a good book. I enjoy plots that only give you pieces of the past at a time. Robin has gone through a lot in her life and I can see why she is reclusive. I'd give this a 3/5. 

Recipes I've Tried
  • Roast Pork Tenderloin with Potatoes- In a word, Yum! The potatoes were especially good. Very easy to make and I loved that it was in one pan. I would almost want to marinate the pork beforehand just for more flavor though. 
  • Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce- This was easy to make and very tasty. I used edamame pasta from Aldi since it already has protein so I didn't add a meat. The girls and Matt gobbled it up! 
Products I've Been Using
  • Gingham Cork Placemats- I got these on amazon recently because I was sick of washing our cloth placemats after virtually every meal. These wipe off easily and look really nice. They are similar to ones from Pottery Barn for a fraction of the price. So far, I love them! 
  • Hand warmer- When Claire was out selling Girl Scout cookies around the neighborhood this past month, we used these hand warmers. They are great and last for hours! They kept our hands toasty warm. 
  • This Capri Blue Volcano scent is AMAZING!! It comes in a diffuser, candle, room spray, and perfume. I smelled something at a local boutique and asked about it and they showed me the display. They were out of the candle so I got the perfume. It's so lovely! 
  • Loving-I've been loving spin class lately! My neighbor convinced me to try it out in early December and I go once a week now. It's a nice cross training option for my running and really pushes you! 
  • Embracing- I used to hate cold weather running in high school and completely avoided it in college and afterwards, but I'm really embracing it more now. As long as there is no ice, I would much rather run in the cold than when it is so hot and humid!
  • Tasting- I'm not sure if I would say 'tasting,' more like 'eating.' I go crazy for citrus fruits, especially grapefruit in the winter so I've been tasting grapefruit almost everyday at lunch! 
  • Wearing- This is a bit embarrassing, but Matt got me a wearable blanket for Christmas. It's basically a huge fleece hooded sweatshirt. I put it on over my lounge clothes at night and it's so toasty warm! It looks ridiculous, but I don't care! 
  • Preparing- I have been preparing a lot of soups lately. I normally make one about once a week. They are so warming and comforting in cold weather. 
  • What we've been up to currently:
    • Both Claire and Aveline have been in swim lessons since the beginning of December at Goldfish Swim School. They just love it and have made a lot of progress! The temperature of the pool is really nice, too. We've had some chilly pools before and since I need to go in the pool with Aveline, I appreciate it! Their facility is well organized and equipped. 
January Goals Recap
  1. Create landing page on instagram from my blog- No, didn't have a chance to finish this one. 
  2. Earn 5 CEUs- Done! I even did the ethics requirement which I find the most boring. At least they are out of the way. 
  3. Go on a weekend run- I've gone on 3! 
  4. Sell or donate baby things- They are on facebook marketplace and I have a few pending pick up. 
  5. Schedule and go on our first date of 2020 - We went on a date and tried out a new Mexican restaurant last weekend. We are looking forward to our next date already!
February Goals
  1. Create landing page on instagram from my blog
  2. Make a Valentine's Day wreath- I started one last year and never finished it because I wasn't happy with how it was looking. I'd love to finish it now-preferably before Valentine's Day!
  3. Sign up for a March race- It's been a while since I did a race and I want to do a March one, maybe for St. Patrick's Day. 
  4. Read a book in print- I typically end up reading books on my phone or kindle because they are easier to read when I'm on the elliptical. But I have a few really good books in hard copy that I want to read. 
  5. Make an appointment for a haircut- I'm so bad about this, but I am in serious need of a trim and highlight! 
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