Friday, January 24, 2020

Five New Ways You Can Bond With Your Dog

Five New Ways You Can Bond With Your Dog

Many of you know that last May we added a puppy to our family. I've never actually been a dog owner, but have had cats since I was around 12. I'm still learning a lot about caring for and training dogs and happily seeing the hyper puppy energy fade (I like those mellow cats I'm used to). I think I'm gradually coming around to being more of a dog lover! One thing I really do like about dogs is how much more eager they are to please. You can take them out in public, play with them, and more. Cats can have much more of a hot and cold personality. So if your beloved fur ball is your best friend and goes with you everywhere, you may want to explore some of these new and interesting ways to bond with your four legged friend! 

Wear Complementing Clothes

Five New Ways You Can Bond With Your Dog

If your kids don't want to get in on Mommy & Me outfits or are past that stage in life, it might be time to turn to your pet. What could be cuter than walking down the street with your dog in matching outfits? Definitely only a good idea if you want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed, there are many different options and styles available for you and your dog to choose from including:
      American Beagle Outfitter – perfect for those who love the outdoors
      Couture Dogs of New York – best for glam and glitz
      Urban Pup – ideal for lovers of high fashion
      Sews Before Bros – best for quirky dressers

Be Subtle with Matching Accessories 

Five New Ways You Can Bond With Your Dog

If head to toe matching outfits is a bit over the top for you, then why not try matching a few accessories instead?
Examples of accessories you could choose include:
      Friendship collar and bracelet
      Leash and bracelet 
      Dog tag and necklace
It is important to remember to ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable when wearing clothes or accessories, so always make sure that they fit correctly and if your dog becomes distressed, then obviously, remove the items immediately.

Give Them Some Relaxation Time 

How often do you go to the salon or for a manicure or facial? Now, how often do you treat your dog to the same luxuries? If you want to pamper your dog the way you pamper yourself, why not let them experience a personalized grooming session.
Heart + Paw provide a team of stylists that will pamper, preen and perfect your dog so that they can look and feel a million dollars! 

Bottoms Up

Your dog now can enjoy very similar liquid luxuries to you, thanks to all the pet drinks specialists who have been working tirelessly to create a selection of beverages that your dog can enjoy whilst you sip on your own glass of wine or bottle of beer.
Some of the best pet-friendly drinks on the market include:
      Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer – sounds lovely, doesn’t it?
      Pawsecco – like prosecco but suitable for cats and dogs
      Snuffle Dog Beer
      Feel Good Tonic for Dogs 

Pamper with a pet-friendly hotel

Five New Ways You Can Bond With Your Dog

If you often treat yourself to a weekend spa break or a trip to the city, have you ever considered the possibility of taking your pooch with you?
There are a wide variety of hotels and other vacation spots that provide accommodation and luxuries for owners and their dogs. We actually took our dog on vacation with us this summer when we rented a condo and it went much more smoothly than I ever thought it could have! From spa treatments that are specifically designed for owner and dog, to pet-friendly swimming pools, going on vacation with your dog has never been more fun. 

I'm so curious to know, which of these would you ever do?

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