Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Staying Well While Traveling

Staying Well While Traveling
With the holiday season upon us, many of us will be taking to the road or the sky for travel. For others it is just part of their daily life and job. Travel isn't always a glamorous though. It can mean long hours of delays, last minute cancellations, and worse of all; catching a cold or other sickness being around all those other travelers. But with so many things to see and do, who has time to deal sickness or fatigue? Luckily, by following this advice, you won’t have to. Here is how to maximize your health while visiting or traveling this season or anytime!

Get some exercise
Staying active regardless of where in the world you live plays a sizable role in maintaining your health. Whether you opt for a full mind-body experience through the help of yoga or tai chi, or whether you are all about the intensity and prefer to head off to your local boot camp class, it is recommended that you get about an hour of exercise every day for maximum results. Sometimes I like to 'explore' a new city by checking out a running trail and going for a run! 
Staying Well While Traveling
Eat well
Combining a healthy diet with an active lifestyle is the secret to staying well while traveling. If you are traveling on the west coast, LA is dotted with hundreds of thousands of restaurants and eateries, serving up the most scrumptious comfort food you could ever imagine. It can be extremely tempting to throw the diet out of the window any time you go out to eat with friends or family. However, it is important to find a balance and to figure out how to treat yourself to everything in moderation.
Eating to enhance your vitamin intake is also imperative as an abundance of vitamins is the backbone of any well-functioning immune system. Furthermore, avoid overdoing it when it comes to alcohol. Nobody wants to have to nurse a hangover the next day!
Staying Well While Traveling
Consider mobile IV therapy
There are a number of amazing companies that are offering mobile IV therapy in LA and other locations. This on-trend and always-effective service revolves around a qualified nurse coming to your home in order to administer a powerful IV treatment tailored to your needs. Your IV bag can be topped up with a variety of vitamins and extras to leave you feeling like a million dollars – without costing you that much in the process! Mobile IV therapy works great as a cure for hangovers, jet lag, colds and flu, and is also just a wonderful solution for maintaining everyday wellness, especially when you are feeling a bit stressed or run-down. The results are instant too. 
Schedule some down time
Whether you are traveling for enjoyment or necessity, make sure you schedule some down time. Burning the candle at both ends so to speak, is sure to wear you down physically and mentally. It's important to have time to read, or nap, or have some cuddles in front of the TV, munching on popcorn, and binging the latest Netflix release. Bliss!
Staying Well While Traveling

Staying well while traveling is the same as staying well at home. It is all about taking proper care of yourself and really going over and above in order to make your health a top priority.

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