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Shoes I Can't Live Without

Shoes I Can't Live Without
Shoes are often the most important part of an outfit and sometimes we don’t even realize it! The right pair of shoes can completely transform an outfit from drab to fab. No matter what your outfit might be, it can always be improved with the right pair of shoes. In fact sometimes I choose what shoe I want to wear before I decide on any other part of my outfit! It's much easier to pick a shoe based on the activity first then choose your clothing to match it. Here are some of the shoes I simply can’t live without.
Shoes I Can't Live Without

What would we do without sneakers? They are some of the most versatile shoes out there and they pair so well with a thousand and one outfits. If you are running around after the kids and have a long list of errands to complete, you are going to need a pair of comfy shoes to do it all in.
Multiple pairs of sneakers can help you with a whole range of activities. Obviously, you need a pair you can wear for a run or to the gym if you love to work out. A pair of canvas sneakers are a great option for anyone who wants a versatile sneaker which is a little more stylish. Pair them with jeans for family day outs or even a floral dress for a cute alternative look! 

In the colder winter months, boots are a great staple for your wardrobe. They will be able to withstand anything the weather throws at them while also adding a fantastic extra something to your outfit. Heeled boots from Dune can be paired with any number of outfits but you can also style flats if you are not a fan of heels.
Boots look great over skinnies or word with skirts. They can be great for the office with a jumper dress or for a brunch date with your girls when paired with jeans and a clean white shirt. If you are looking for a shoe which is both practical and stylish, you will not go wrong with a pair of boots.

Shoes I Can't Live Without
Finally, the most beautiful shoes, and possibly most rarely worn, is always going to be a pair of elegant heels. I have my 'work and church heels' and then I have my 'date night heels' and I'm sure you can tell which are more comfortable and easier to walk in! It might take a very long time for you to track down a style of heel which does not hurt your feet, but never give up. Remember that it is also extremely important to wear in your heels; you should never try to wear a new pair of heels to a big event unless you have worn them in first. Don't forget to try different inserts or heel pads to help with comfort. 
Heels can be used for both day and night activities depending on how you style them. Keep the heel low for the day and save the height for the evening. You can also experiment with different colors or patterns. A pair of floral heels might be the perfect twist to add to an outfit for a summer wedding. They can always add interest, elegance, and even a bit of sass to a look! 
Shoes I Can't Live Without

When it comes to shoes, you should always pick quality over quantity. Take the time to source the perfect pair of shoes for you. A relatively small selection of shoes might be all you need to throw together any number of outfits. You should start with the basics; one of each of the pairs above plus some sandals for the warmer months. Try to pick more neutral pieces which you know you can pair with anything for any occasion from the school run to that big work meeting and make sure to choose quality fabrics.

You should always buy shoes that you know are going to fit in well with outfits you already have. Growing your shoe collection in this way is the most organic and the least likely to have you end up with a shoe mountain. Assess your wardrobe now and try to work out which shoes you need to fill your collection!

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