Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Gift Guides for Last Minute Shoppers Under $50

Gift Guides for Last Minute Shoppers Under $50

By some miracle, I'm actually done with my Christmas shopping. This has never happened before. Ever. Normally I start shopping early, but then slowly buy gifts for others well into December finishing up a few days before Christmas. This year I think I started in July and somehow finished late last week. It's probably because I did virtually all my shopping online. Isn't it easier to shop in your sweatpants on your couch than go outside in the cold? Not to mention how much faster it is! And most of that was via Amazon prime. Last year I compiled an Amazon prime gift guide that went over really well so I am bringing it back this year!

Boys & Girls
Gift Guides for Last Minute Shoppers Under $50

  1. Glitter tattoo set- so much fun and comes with lots of stencils and different colors of glitter
  2. Digital camera- fun and sturdy! Comes with an SD card, too
  3. Smart watch- it's a tracker, too which is nice for paranoid parents like me
  4. Magnetic tiles- my kids love these and this is a great set
  5. Robot cat- it looks a bit underwhelming, but is so cute! It reacts to touch and noise and my daughters play with it every day
  6. Walkie talkies- good old fashioned fun! 
  7. Hand drone- a children's version but looks just as fun!
  8. Wireless headphones- no more chords to get tangled or pulled out, and the cat ears are so cute
  9. Spot it junior- easy to play for all ages
  10. Piano mat- I think the best part is when you leave it on and your pet walks across it and freaks out!
  11. 3D pen- the much less expensive version of a 3D printer, your kids can get so creative with this
  12. Water mat- no mess painting. Thank you very much!

Gift Guides for Last Minute Shoppers Under $50

  1. Sous vide cooker- any gadget to help your guy make you dinner!
  2. Retro handheld game- this throwback game is so fun! A great way to pass time and not deplete your phone battery
  3. Wireless earbuds- a nice, much less expensive alternative to airpods
  4. Car phone stand- perfect for if you live in a hands-free state and still need the GPS function on your phone
  5. Water bottle humidifier- great if you have a hubby that travels, those hotel rooms are so dry! 
  6. Mixed material apple watch band- isn't this amazing?! I can't believe the price, too!
  7. Docking station- this docking station has everything but the kitchen sink
  8. Tactile pen- for the guy that loves his gadgets, even if he doesn't love the outdoors

Gift Guides for Last Minute Shoppers Under $50

  1. Over the ear headphones- aren't they so sleek!?
  2. Marble & wood cheese board- such a pretty display piece
  3. Foot masks- these work! And they make a wonderful gift for anyone
  4. Silicone knives- I've had these knives for years and years and they are still so sharp!
  5. Buffalo plaid fleece- How many wubby fleeces should you have in your closet? The limit does not exist. 
  6. Cozy socks- aren't they adorable?
  7. Reversible vest- 2 cozy vests for the price of 1. Need I say more?
  8. Glitter tumbler- such a beautiful travel mug!

I hope these on-budget, quick-ship ideas are helpful for any last minute shopping you need to do! I will have my stocking stuffer ideas up tomorrow! 

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